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Friday, February 23, 2018

Morgan County Citizens have more choices to make

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Folks, another amendment is in the works for us to consider.  We the voters may have a chance to make changes once again.  The proposed amendment would make enormous changes in how the commission and commissioner's office operates.

This bill was spearheaded because the citizens are demanding change. We certainly need to look for regrowth, the way tax incentivizes for new businesses are decided, which affects our county growth and so much more.  Henry, Orr, and Collins proposed the bill.  The vote from the MC delegation was a unanimous vote.

Morgan County is a large county.  We want to ensure that we all get the same standard of road maintenance and support that we have gotten in the past throughout the county.  Should the bill pass we hope that it enhances our current system.  Our upkeep on our county roads and bridges depend on it.  Check out the daily by clicking the link below.

Morgan bill would let voters change county government

By Deangelo McDaniel Staff Writer

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