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Friday, February 2, 2018

More from Lawrence County

WAAY Channel 31 reports....

A Lawrence County law enforcement officer said he requested an investigation of himself that resulted in his paid suspension.  Timothy McWhorter, chief of staff and operations for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, was suspended effective January 26, 2018 per a letter from Sheriff Gene Mitchell.
In a statement released Thursday evening, McWhorter states that three weeks ago, his duties as custodian of evidence were transferred to the Chief Investigator per Mitchell's decision.
In a letter to Mitchell dated Monday, January 22, 2018, McWhorter said the specifics of the allegations were not made known to him and that he had "never done anything intentionally inappropriate with evidence, or any other property while acting as the custodian of evidence.
In a statement issued on Thursday, McWhorter said Mitchell told him that McWhorter's integrity was not in question.
McWhorter used the January 22 letter to request an investigation in order to clear the air and his name from the allegations.  Mitchell granted that request.  An outside agency was requested to conduct the investigation, but Mitchell didn't elaborate in his letter which agency.


  1. Buddy I sure hope the outside agency isn’t Morgan County’s Ana, Bones, and Blake special investigative unit.

  2. Good news, Glenda! The Nunes memo was released today! We can finally see just how corrupt some of these federal agents are.
    It looks like the FBI knowingly used unverified, fabricated information to obtain the FISA warrants to use against President Trump. Some would call that sedition, or treason.
    Time for a sweep of these corrupt agents.

  3. Ana don’t tell the county you believe that the FBI is corrupt. So what does that make you?

  4. Ana don’t tell the county you believe that the FBI is corrupt. So what does that make you?

  5. Ana? Not hardly, she's way too smart to post on here. You and me...I guess that's a different story.

  6. Ana? Too smart?! She's as dumb as a sack of hammers.

  7. So the FBI, at it's highest level, used unverified, fabricated information to obtain a warrant to use against the Trump campaign? Is this the "way things are done" there? Underhanded, illegal tactics to sway an election? If they're bold enough to do that to a President-Elect, imagine how far they can go against us common folk!
    That, my friends, is REAL corruption.
    The democrats said if Trump was elected, there would be a Constitutional looks like they were right, but I don't think it's going the way they thought it would.