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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Love the rumor mill

We just heard another rumor in regards to Sheriff Ana Franklin's bid for sheriff.  As you know we blogged earlier today that our sources reported that Ana has called a press conference tomorrow to announce that she is not going to run for a 3rd term for sheriff.

The rumors have gotten better as the day goes on.  We now hear that the sheriff plans to announce that she is resigning from office.

We can't wait for the press conference.  The gossip just gets getting better.

We have a hard time believing that Ana is going to resign.  Who will pay billable Barney? 

There is also the chance that Ana will pony up the money tomorrow and run for sheriff. 

Tomorrow should be interesting.


  1. Ana ain’t gonna resign.

  2. What would happen to Bones, Blake, JP, DeeAnn, the Zevitt’s, and poooooor Larry if Ana resigns? Ana claims she is going to be indicted on Tax Evasion. Ana that is just the beginning of your worries. What about Barney? He should be indicted right along with you.

  3. Leaving in disgrace as a miserable attempt to save face like Blake Dorning is doing?

  4. Ron Livingston Blake Bones and the Bezett’s would have to quickly be gone before being fired just like JP the Goodwins Zivet and Namey. Surely she won’t resign and leave these guys to stand alone. The dumbest of them was at least smart enough to get another job already. Blake Robinson working at Walmart Distrubution. Got to show up to work to get paid there though. This is unlike the SO. What about Bones showing up to work in place of Danny Mcdanial? Still useless as ever but showing up. Is he trying to hide? They are really squirming now. Can’t wait to show up and listen to her lies today. I don’t think she is smart enough to resign. Don’t think it will help her any at all to do so. It’s pretty clear she will have no tax return but time to serve instead. They will have to take her away and even still she will be lying and sleeping with anyone to try to get out of it.

  5. When and where is this taking place today?

  6. It will be nice to see a clean house at the MCSO. It can be dealt with by the new sheriff and his new employees he brings in because a third of the people who work there now as clerical ppl are thieves or have helped the current sheriff be a thief.