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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Love the comments

Folks, the comments have been very entertaining over the past few days.  We can assure you that we will continue to blog and tell the truth.  We just refuse to comment or blog on things they know are coming.  They have found a weak link in Mr. Jeffreys and the allegations against him and his family, and they want to use it to their advantage.   OK.  That is no big deal.  The bottom line is these guys also took advantage of the poorest of the poorest, selling dreams of impossibly high interests.  Sorry about that, suckers.  Meanwhile, they invested in the dealership as well.  I believe most of them did not claim a loss. So does that mean they actually got their 17, 27, or 45 percent interest back on their investment within the 30-day agreement that Steenson made with them?  Lucky them.

Neither Greg Steenson's nor Mr. Jeffreys' conduct kept Bones, Blake, Franklin, and a host of their family and friends from jumping on the bandwagon to receive benefits from their investments. Not to mention Blake Robinson and Steven Ziaja raked in almost 40K cleaning and detailing vehicles at the dealership when they should have been doing their day jobs.

Title-mart was a cash cow for the anointed few but even cash cows dry up.

Keep the comments coming.  Amuse yourselves while we sit back and wait as you chatter away.

Oh! Did we mention that Ana and her goons are really really pissed right now because they know that their reign is almost OVER?  They want us to talk about stuff and throw things out here that we are not willing to do.

Hey! Goons, keep the fodder up.  It's fun to read.


  1. Glenda that was a very impressive, well written, and beautifully articulated LIE!!! You hate the comments, you have been exposed for being an idiot, and Jeffreys has been exposed for being a down right crook. Over the past few days I am sure the have been well over 200 comments of folks explaining their dislike for both you and Jeffreys. So stop LYING, it only makes you look more dumb.

    I will say this, you are right about Jeffreys being a weak link. He is weaker than a 3 day old fart. I bet he is a real hit now at the family reunions, he stole money from all of his cousins by promising them big returns on their money, and now he has destroyed the family reputation with his underhanded actions, plus put Ben and Katie in a position of losing their careers. He is a real gem.

    I am sure you enjoy the comments, you dumb ass!!!

  2. I heard Glenda is trying to hire Ana to work at Straightline, she has such an obsession with Ana that she wants her right next to her. Better be careful Ana, if Glenda has been taking pointers from Jeffreys you won’t get paid.

  3. Ana will just take the money and claims it's rightfully hers, anyway.

  4. From the looks of that Straightline bankruptcy filing I don’t think there’s much to take.

    1. Remember Glenda told the New York Times that she had the resources to make Ana’s life miserable. She didn’t have the resources to pay her creditors but she has them to spend trying to drum up accusations on other people

    2. Glenda must have told Jeffreys how to construct a bankruptcy case while they were doing a little “undercover” work on Pecan Circle. Only problem is, Jeffreys carried his a little to far, and it became bankruptcy fraud.

  5. One has to wonder if Jeffreys “good lawyer” is the same one that advised him too sue Steenson and file bankruptcy on Priceville Partners? If so, he is a “good one” alright. That boy is sharp as a briar. HaHa

    1. When Harold was pressuring Jerry Knight to arrest Steenson he should have got him to explain the bankruptcy laws. Wait, Knight wouldn’t know bankruptcy laws, all he is good at is divorce cases so he can gawk at the women. Pervert!!!

  6. I have compiled a small list of similarities between Harold Jeffreys and Glenda. I must say it’s interesting:

    1. Both have used the whistleblower for
    personal vendettas
    2. Their families can’t stand to be around them
    3. Both filed Bankruptcy to beat innocent
    folks out of their hard earned money.
    4. Both men in Glenda’s life are named
    5. Both use Pecan Circle for their own personal
    enjoyment. Bought with embezzled money
    I might add.
    6. Both are compulsive liars.
    7. Both benefited from the Priceville Partners
    8. And both have had their ass handed too
    them the past couple of weeks.

  7. 9. They are both guilty as sin yet attempting to portray themselves as victims.
    10. They are both disgusting.
    11. They both surround themselves with idiots.

  8. Next step: Finding out one or more of these people are laundering drug money.

    (Im not accusing. It is a suggestion. I remember, in the late 90's, a senior manager at a major car dealership in Auburn got busted smuggling drugs in the cars. The dealership was a major university donor. Laundering isnt that far away from dealing with that kind of stuff).

  9. I think we are at the beginning of the crooked dealings of Harold Jeffreys. Glenda most likely accepted money to print the lies Jeffreys has concocted, they have both shared documents that belonged to the bankruptcy estate, Jeffreys is looking at bankruptcy fraud along with the rest of his family. Glenda will probably be drug in under a conspiracy law. I just wonder what will happen to all of the grandchildren if the whole family goes to jail???

  10. Harold, I have some great news. I was at a local service station today and saw where you can buy 2 swisher sweets for .99. Not the big hog legs you are accustomed to chewing on but given the fact that your financial position is probably about to be significantly reduced I thought this info might come in handy. Glenda may be disappointed but she will be ok. I think you can get those swisher sweets in assorted flavors, thought you might like some good news today Jeffreys.

    1. Maybe Harold can get Jim from 67 Auto Repair to bring him a stogie when hard times set in. Oh wait, Harold got him sued also. Harold is running out of both friend and family. Good work Jeffreys!!!