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Friday, February 2, 2018

Jail Food Fund Bill Passes Senate

Well, folks, it appears that Step One in keeping Ana's hands off the inmate food fund has been accomplished.  Eric Fleischauer of the Daily reports that a "bill that would prevent the Morgan County sheriff from pocketing leftover jail food money and also give the sheriff a raise passed the state Senate on Thursday in Montgomery, but only after a change that Sheriff Ana Franklin said would cause her office problems".  It goes to the House next week (Step Two) and then if signed by the Gov'ner (Step Three), it will be on the ballot during the general election. (Step Four).  Based on yesterday's opinion poll in the Daily, that should not be a problem.   (Four to one in favor)

As usual, Ana quibbled because the bill was amended on the Senate floor to specify that any shortfalls in inmate food funds would have to be covered by the sheriff, not the Morgan County Commission.  'The sheriff shall account for any shortfall of funds in the food account using any discretionary or appropriated funds of the office' according to the amended bill."

Ana said she was not surprised the amended bill specifies the Sheriff's Office would be responsible for shortfalls, "Because the commission has always held the position that they would not be responsible for the feeding of the inmates and that they would not contribute any funds to their feeding." Franklin said shortfalls in the food account are common, and that she lost $40,000 last year.

"With the numbers of inmates that we now house, the cost of the nutritional meals that are set by our dietitian, and the fee that is received, the food allowance has operated at a deficit," Franklin said Thursday. "I was hopeful that the commission had agreed to fix this problem and would set an example for our state to do the right thing. But apparently not."   Not sure that Ana would recognize the 'right thing' if it slapped her in the face, which it just did. 

In case you've forgotten:

1939 state law allows most Alabama sheriffs to personally keep leftover food money as a supplement to their salaries, but the practice has been the source of litigation at the Morgan County Jail. In 2009, federal District Judge U.W. Clemon ordered that all food money provided the county by the state be used exclusively for feeding inmates and held former Sheriff Greg Bartlett in contempt of court for failing to provide inmates adequate nutrition.

Last year, federal District Judge Abdul Kallon lifted Clemon’s order barring the sheriff from keeping leftover food money but found Franklin in contempt and fined her $1,000 for removing $160,000 from the food account before the order was lifted.

Franklin said she thought Clemon’s order applied only to Bartlett and that she had invested $150,000 of the money in Priceville Partners LLC, a used car dealership that went bankrupt. She said the investment was intended as a short-term loan from which she hoped to make $21,000 to pay back into the jail food account.

And she would have you believe that she later repaid the money to the food account.


  1. Please correct me if I am wrong here...Didn't Mall in agree that he appeased her and got rid of paragraph 22 because he stated she could provide nutritionally adequate meals without spending all of the inmate food money? If you've been in a deficit Ana it is most likely because Barney sucked up all your money or Saraland did!

    1. Correction: not "mall in" but Kallon

    2. I've been in the jail for a very short time (less than a month) and the portions that are served are no where close to what the menu says you are getting. The trustees have no way of measuring 6 oz of eggs or 4 oz of beans. They give as little as they can give. They throw that's around breaking them and slam and kick doors shut acting like complet idiots. The showers are almost completely covered in black mold and they stink in a daily basis. One guard and I'll id him by a feature he has. He twitches and has a condition with his eyes and he use to be an umpire a few years ago. This guy brings cigarettes and other stuff to specific inmates in a pod that all inmates in it are charged with sex crimes. If people only knew what kind of shit went on in that illicit crime filled jail they would shit