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Monday, February 5, 2018


According to the Secretary of State's office, here's the current scorecard:

We seem to be missing know who.  Maybe she's busy, doing close-outs, moving funds to the Caymans, shredding documents, finishing her hit list, you know typical run-for-the-border things.

This is a screenshot but you can view the whole document at:
  • Select Search database
  • Select Political race search
  • Fill in the blanks

You'll see that all five are shoe-string campaigns so far but it's a long while till the primary.  Make your bets.  Then come out fighting!


Anonymous said...

Sparks has dissolved her campaign

Anonymous said...

She will not run...unless its south of the border where she has an "apparent incognito fund."

Anonymous said...

This form is not a list of who is qualified to run, but a list of principal campaign committees. These are often set up as exploratory committees when people are considering a run for particular offices. Ron Puckett's is not reflected on here due to his committee not being set up prior to his qualification filing last week.