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Monday, February 5, 2018

Another opportunity lost---Thanks, Ana!

Guess who's also missing from THIS list.  Hint:  Morgan County.

 From the Cullman Times:

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed off on an assortment of grants aimed at upgrading equipment for six North Alabama law enforcement agencies.
Totaling $144,000, the grants “will enable police and sheriff’s departments to purchase vehicles, communications equipment and other items needed by officers and deputies during their patrols,” the governor’s office said Thursday in a release.
“The brave men and women of our law enforcement agencies put their lives on the line to serve and protect our communities every day, and they need and deserve the proper equipment to carry out their duties,” Ivey said in the release.
“I am pleased to help these agencies obtain the equipment they need to do their jobs effectively.”
Each of the following agencies was awarded a $24,000 grant:
Cullman County Commission — for the sheriff’s office to purchase a new K-9 unit and patrol vehicle with kennel.
Lauderdale County Commission  — for the sheriff’s department to upgrade radio communication equipment in patrol vehicles.
Lawrence County Commission — for the sheriff’s department to purchase Tasers, flashlights and police radios.
Winston County Commission — for the sheriff’s office to equip patrol cars with laptop computers, and purchase body cameras and winter wear for deputies.
City of Muscle Shoals — for the police department to purchase new laptop computers.
City of Tuscumbia — to purchase a patrol SUV for the police department.
Reckon our sheriff couldn't tear herself away from Saraland to apply. 
First rule in getting grants:  YOU GOTTA ASK FOR IT!   


  1. Or maybe she figured Morgan County Sheriff's Office had plenty of money in all accounts - Food, Jail Store, Drug Unit, Pistol Permit, Rodeo, Posse Accts, have I missed any? If only the sheriff would quit taking the money for her personal use.

    1. Figured out? She figured that out before taking office hence her bitching about what Bartlett left her in discretionary funds and her asking the county attorney if what Judge Clemons ordered meant her too. Follow that up with her neglect of equipment, training, raises and grants for MCSO. It's obvious why she wanted to become sheriff. Until the whistleblowers brought this to the attention of multiple outlets, Ana laughed at them. Threatened, fired, and played her employees.

  2. She shouldn’t bother putting her name in. Mark my words though, she will destroy as much as she can in her last hours. She has already begun! Still pampering her goons and feeling sorry for herself. Not doing her job!What a major catastrophe!The new Sheriff is gonna have their work cut out!What a disgrace not only to Morgan county but also to God.We all sin but we are supposed to repent and go the other way. She is on a roll!!!! May God forgive her!

    1. I could not possibly agree more with your statement. She won't run again. She knows her time is up, but she'll do anything to probably destroy or neglect before she leaves. She better be careful what she hopes are they're are watching her and it will catch up with her if not now, at the least down the road!

  3. Too bad, I actually wanted her to run again. Would have loved to have seen her deflated ego as Morgan County voters told her "No more."

  4. For Comment made at 6:51 PM Figured Out?
    The person I was referring to about thinking morgan county had plenty of money so didn't need any grant money was the Governor, not ana.

    1. Well, you commented on the wrong blog.