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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What causes the sheriff's office employee's fear?

When Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Wilson all show up at the sheriff's office on the same day it sends a chill down the backs of the employees.  Who was on the chopping block, or was a new conspiracy being developed?  The three stooges stayed behind closed doors for an extended amount of time yesterday.  Rumors are flying that Robinson took two months off at the sheriff's office to delivers packages.  The rumors are also flying that Robinson has resigned.  Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!   


  1. So when are these bastards going down. I see Tom Fredricks can use big like really big wi’ord. The time has come the time is now arrest the bastards now.

  2. No blake has not resigned he still has a county vehicle and he had paif vacation he uses every year to work for FedEx to make extra money for Christmas. Ill say this i do not think blake will resign ever i do think he is stuck between a rock and a hard place and has to do what Anna tells him BECAUSE he cant afford to fight her and loose his job and who knows what she threatens him with

  3. Blake has most likely lost his chance to go across the river. I can't believe that Blake and JP has allowed Ana to manipulate them and it will probably cause them to lose their families. Bones and Ana deserve whatever is served to them.

    1. you have not even began name all the cruption bastards in the morgan co thug task force you left out afew like jim webster and his new vet. hu. i wonder if it came from the drug money landury car lot lest not forget garry landers and his new toy. 4 door 4.w.d. and his wife new carmaro and shannon ferguson and all new house cars trucks. seems that if you can stoop to theis low life basterds level you can do wwhat ever you want to any one you want. and get well paid for it. damn your rights .when they come to see you .you have none.they will lie .plant. distroy miss handel. yes steal from after getting false warrent by lieing to the judge.i have recored evd.of this so this is a few m.c.thug task force.