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Friday, January 19, 2018

Time will tell

Time will tell if, other than Steven Ziaja, are arrested for criminal conduct.  We receive additional information quite frequently.  Most of the information will never be posted on the blog.  We eagerly await the powers that be who will make decisions that will impact our futures in Morgan County.

We receive a lot of nasty comments.  Some of the comments claim the whistleblower writes the comments.  Think what you will.  There may come a time that you are shocked as to the number of people who have been involved in nefarious activities in Morgan County. 

Some will go to jail while others sing like a canary trying to get out of what they allowed themselves to get involved in.

No matter what the corrupt ones comment on this blog and no matter how vulgar they are, we know that someday they will apologize to us for telling the truth about them.  Won't they? 


  1. I'm hoping Ana will soon announce her re-election bid.

  2. Haha I do too...she will be in prison to enjoy the outcome!