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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The High Sheriff

Folks, it appears that Sheriff Franklin has every intention of running for sheriff again.  We have heard from multiple people that the sheriff is telling people everywhere she goes that she is running for sheriff.  This corrupt sheriff has arrogance, audacity, and the delusional behavior of a psychotic believe that she has everything covered.  We want to warn those who have participated and profited from the most corrupt sheriff in the State of Alabama that you will be left to your own defenses when arrests are made. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin cares only about keeping her own sorry butt out of jail.  When you are arrested Ana Franklin will do nothing to help you.  She will come to the defense of her daughter but you thugs ain't blood kin.  You, therefore, are screwed by the pooch.  Whoops! Where is Bones?   We forgot you can't mention dogs, puppies, or pooches around Bones.

Sheriff Ana Franklin began on a career as sheriff as incompetent and she will end her career as incompetent as she was on her first day on the job.  Being incompetent on the job does not mean that Sheriff Ana Franklin wasn't smart enough to pad her pockets with MCSO money and resources, or that Sheriff Ana Franklin wasn't smart enough to write counter checks on the MCSO accounts since 2013.  Thieves are like that.   They know how to illegally obtain what they want because they are too damn lazy to work for it.


We found a video you might be interested in! Check it out:

We refuse to show the bloody pics of Aubie but please review the entire story in the aforementioned article on Channel 19 News.


  1. Where is Bones these days. Nobody has seen him?

  2. Where is Bones these days. Nobody has seen him?

  3. I heard one of Barney's partners made an unexpected trip to Oklahoma this week.

  4. Bones is busy building a house in West part of Lawrence Co even though if u have a take home car you're required to live in Morgan Co. But the rules only apply to the people she would like to fire or people that she don't like if you're her friend you can get away with anything this is one more time that this is proven........something to think about now tax dollars will go to paying gas for him to drive to Lawrence County multiple times a day. You're welcome Morgan County taxpayers now you're paying for people in Lawrence County to