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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thank You Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin did something ethical by default.  She brought her thieving corruption down on all the sheriffs in the State,  It will be interesting to see how much money some of these sheriffs took while they are claiming they do not have enough money in the account to feed the inmates.  If the sheriffs would freely release the records we may have a little more compassion for them or we may be surprised as to how much money some of the sheriffs have taken from the inmate food funds.

The Southern Center for Human Rights and the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice are suing 49 sheriffs around the state, including Butler County, in an effort to obtain financial records relating to the amount of money being spent on food for inmates.

Human rights organizations file lawsuits against 49 Ala. sheriffs

Published 6:24 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2018
The Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights and Montgomery’s Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice are suing 49 Alabama sheriffs in an attempt to obtain financial records pertaining to the amount of money spent on food for inmates in jails they control.
A state law that allows sheriff’s departments to keep unspent taxpayer money from jail food funds has led to cases of sheriffs personally pocketing large sums and underfeeding inmates to increase the total amount.
In 2009, Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett was jailed after testifying that he had kept taxpayer money “as personal income” around $212,000 over three years.
Famously, Bartlett spent $1,000 on a truckload of corn dogs, which he proceeded to feed to inmates twice daily for weeks.
Bartlett’s successor, Sheriff Ana Franklin, is currently embroiled in a legal battle amid allegations that she took $150,000 from the jail food fund to invest in a used-car dealership.
The lawsuit comes after four letters sent to the defendant sheriffs, including appeals to public record laws, asked for financial records pertaining to how taxpayer money intended for providing food to inmates was being used.
The lawsuit alleges that the named sheriff’s departments violated public record law by not providing the requested records.
Local sheriffs named include Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden, Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell, and Lowndes County Sheriff John Williams, Sr.
Many sheriffs, including Harden, delegated the inquiries to Alabama Sheriff’s Association lawyer Donald R. Rhea.
Rhea appears to have responded by directing SCHR and Alabama Appleseed lawyers to the Alabama Department of Finance, which apparently has records on the amount of money given to counties for jail food funds, not the amounts spent or kept by individual sheriffs.
The lawsuit indicates that the Southern Center for Human Rights “frequently receives letters from people in jails in counties across Alabama… [reporting] food they are provided is inadequate in quantity or nutritional value, spoiled, or contaminated, such as with insect or rodent droppings, or foreign objects.”
SCHR attorney Aaron Littman says that he “does not know” of any reports to his organization emerging from the Butler County jail, reiterating that the lawsuit is an attempt to ascertain which sheriffs are converting food money to personal use.
“The public has a right to know,” said Littman, “…whether [a sheriff] has profited, and if so by how much.” 
Harden denied any wrongdoing, saying his jail’s menus are “approved by dieticians” and that inmates often gain weight while in the Butler County jail.
“We aren’t feeding anyone trucks of corn dogs,” said Harden, adding “I get my food from Merchant’s Food(service) and [The Department of Corrections.]”
Harden said that, although the law does state sheriffs can keep money left over from the jail food fund, there is none left for him to keep if he wanted to.
“Three months ago, my grocery bill was $6,000, and we brought in $4,300… and anything short, I have to pay out of my pocket,” said Harden. Alabama jails receive $1.75 per day per inmate for food, a decades-old practice.
“I think [the lawsuit] is a witch-hunt,” said Harden.
The lawsuit is filed with the circuit court in Hale County.


  1. I hear Ray Kong is out secretly campaigning for Ron Puckett? Is Ray trying to run the Sheriff's Office also? He runs Somerville through Darrin, his son in law has a nice coushy job with the County and a nice take home truck, Darrin now has a nice Animal Control job for allowing Ray to control Somerville. Is the Sheriffs Office next Ron Puckett? I hear Ray doesn't want anyone from Decatur PD to be a Sheriff in Morgan Co.

  2. It’s true Ray did talk to Puckett and Owens so what? The citizens will vote for the next sheriff. Ray will not get what he wants because we are smarter now than we were in 2910 and 2014.

  3. Correction 2010 and 2014

  4. If Ray doesn’t want a sheriff from Decatur Pd then that’s a good enough reason to vote for a candidate from there

  5. Randy Cavnar has disappointed me. Will vote for anybody but him. Mr. know it all does not know all.

  6. Glenda do you really think he cares?

    1. This is definitely not Glenda...good try Randy

    2. Call me what you want but to be blunt I don’t think nor anyone else running cares what the blog says about them. All they care about is getting elected most of them are or have been cops I’m sure they have been called much worse than what’s said on here.

    3. Agreed. Who cares it’s about votes. This name calling And slamming someone is juvenile just vote for someone else and shut up about it. This makes the county look real backwards. These candidates don’t care what’s said about them print real stuff not this kid stuff ridiculous

  7. I say bring some old good boys back. Captain Law...Howard Battles was a fine one...he quit before the corruption took hold and the thieving criminals stepped in.

  8. Ron Puckett is a great guy. If you are downing him here you are an OPPONENT. I like Childers or Puckett personally speaking...stop with this "yes" man crap. Many of us "know" these folks. I mean really know all of them. If Ray knows what's good for him after Ana's bullshit he better hope for a good one, what's good for the citizens will be good for Ray..Jesus let us hope. Ray can't elect anyone...only the citizens can. Whoever you are, you're posting BS I know you're a candidate because your ramblings make sense to you and who you talk too. You confuse the hell out of a voter. You're someone who is either paranoid or have insider info. It's probably option #3 you can't stand to lose another election. Who digs so hard into something and makes comments like that? An opponent. Prove your comments. I sure would appreciate it.

  9. Forgive me for saying so but actions speak louder than words. This all reminds me of preschool, junior, and high school. Pick me, pick me, I know this person, I know that person, I tell them what I'll do and what I know...I'm outstanding. They'll vote for me. Pick someone with less words...more action. Especially during the times Ana was sheriff. Don't poke your head out all of the sudden when game time arrives. I want to see consistency candidates!

  10. Oh stop it. Do you people really believe candidates read this crap? Saying if you say something about my favorite candidate you must be an opponent. How do you know that? You don’t. Your guessing assuming pointing stupid fingers it’s ridiculous. If you want to see candidates you won’t see them here but you will see their supporters taking up for them while running others down. It’s childish and stupid that grown azz adults make such stupid comments. This blog criticizes reckless ridiculous actions not only by the sheriff but other elected officials and lets this stupid stuff fly. Smdh.

  11. Oh stop this childish political crapp. You folks commenting really believe that these candidates are reading this childish jibberish? If you say this or that you must be an opponent come on!! You don’t know that your guessing assuming pointing because your butt hurt over comments about someone you like. This is worse than being in school running for student council. This is folks with nothing better to do than stir a pot and sound stupid. Nothing anyone says on here is going to make a difference in any political race go vote and stop with the stupid stuff. WB get back to what you do best this is getting pretty embarrassing.

  12. Capt Law would be great to come back, I like the no BS attitude. And I also think Puckett would be a great candidate as well. He has shown leadership over a department.

  13. Too many Sheriffs running...trying to split up votes so sweet pea can weasel her way back in. Trust nobody