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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ride 'em cowgirl until the party is all over

Have you ever wondered how much of the cowboy and cowgirl toys, horse trailers, cloths, and items sold at the events was purchased with Morgan County Sheriff's Office money?


  1. Please explain to Morgan County taxpayers how this nonsense gives deputies raises, much needed equipment...or is it a way for you and the good ol boys ta have a grand time on taxpayers funds...kinda like your hidden hideaway Sarahland?

  2. The sheriff is on her way out. There are to many good candidates better choices than she. RON Puckett Hartselle Police Chief will be a great candidate. He does a great job as Chief and is well liked in the community. Maybe he can restore integrity and honesty to the MCSO, it so desperately needs. Maybe it will 1 candidate less because hopefully Ana will be indicted and arrested and taken out of the running, that should open the door for the more qualified, honest candidates trying to do the right thing by Morgan Co Sheriff's office. It will be nice to see a strong Morgan County with out Ana stealing from office funds and the few Ana supporters in the office will be removed and a total restructure of the SO will be great. With any luck JR Law will return, there are mixed feeling by many but personally I like the way he operates. He don't play favorites or games and you always know where you stand with him he hides nothing and it is refreshing to get honesty whether you agree or not he is one of a kind and a stand up man. A back bone is what the SO needs because telling ppl what they want to hear and lieing to ppl is what Ana and the office has had since 2011. A change for honesty would be nice for employees and citizens. The public and employees are ready for a change. Out with the old in with the new changes. Looking forward to it all. Maybe in time to press charges on employees caught stealing from office accounts. We are hopeful. Speak up and speak out on injustices by the MCSO sheriff and her small circle of friends that are proven to be corrupt. Morgan Co deserves better in the future election so remember when you vote, look at the corruption the last 7 years and vote against it continuing. Choose a candidate wisely but know Franklin has been proven to be a liar on many accounts and a thief of food accounts. Please don't let it happen another 4 years. Ty and God bless.