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Friday, January 26, 2018

Reference Decatur Daily article by Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor, Jan 26, 2018

The Decatur Daily reports that a bill filed Thursday included a local constitutional amendment that would prohibit the Morgan County sheriffs from keeping leftover inmate food funds.  Folks, that is one of the best things we have heard recently and we get an opportunity to vote on the bill.  Kudos to Senator Orr and those within our county that has worked hard on a bill that will no longer allow unscrupulously, unethical, and downright criminal conduct such as taking inmate food funds for their own personal gain.

Sheriff Ana Franklin was found in contempt of court for taking $160,000.00 out of the inmate food funds.  Which by the way was three months away from the end of the fiscal year.  Though she claimed a $21,000.00 dollar shortfall she took the money anyway.  We do not believe there was a shortfall until she took the money.  By far giving the sheriff a raise and shutting down the food funds to dirty rotten sheriffs like Sheriff Ana Franklin is a move in the right direction.  The inmates will eat nutritional meals and the county will save money because no matter who is voted into office, if we the voters vote to approve this bill, no other sheriff will be allowed to do what previous sheriffs as-well-as the current sheriff has done. 

According to the way we read the article, it appears that Sheriff Franklin still wants to bicker over shortfalls though it appears by Mr. Long's words that "But tradition has shown that there are never any shortfalls over there."  Wow! Does that mean that the $21,000.00 shortfall that Franklin claims is just a myth she used to steal inmate food funds?

Sheriff Franklin told more stories about where she got the money to invest in the inmate food funds than Fibber McGee told in years.  Franklin even claims that "Franklin, though, said shortfalls are not unusual."  That is probably true in the world that Franklin lives in using MCSO money as if it belonged to her.  We were told by one source that at one time Franklin was called by one of her goonettes that there were only $12,000.00 dollars in the inmate food funds and that Ana needed to get back here and take care of the problem.  What happened to the money?  Apparently, the commission wasn't made aware of the serious shortfall.  Wonder why?  Perhaps Sheriff Franklin has taken more money for the inmate food funds that we are aware of.  The IRS should be banging on the sheriff's door.

Franklin planned on running for sheriff when asked on November 15 but now she is having to pray about it.

We know that many of you are still not believers that Ana is going to jail along with three or four of her goons but as for us we believe.  Sheriff Franklin and her attorney Billable Barney Lovelace have spent a lot of county money trying to keep this sheriff out of jail.  They have lied, tried to destroy people, paid informants to do their dirty deeds, and we the citizens have paid dearly for their conduct.

Again, thank you, Senator Author Orr, Ray Long, and others for giving we the citizens a voice when it comes time to vote for the bill.  Let the citizens decide.  Let the citizens decide who our next sheriff will be.  We are more informed in Morgan County than ever before.  The same goes across the state as it pertains to sheriff's taking inmate food funds to supplement their income.  That said, each sheriff should be required to release the inmate food fund records for their time as public servants so the people within the state can see how egregious this problem is. 

Last but not least our sheriff's in Morgan County have been very very bad.  That is why this bill is needed.  To our knowledge, Morgan County is the only county in the state that has proposed this bill.   


  1. In the article, Long said “But tradition has shown that there are never any shortfalls over there. Sheriff Franklin, to my knowledge, is feeding the inmates very well and we know she’s not coming up short." Ana said "Since 2015 we have operated with a deficit. Last year I lost approximately $40,000.” That is one of her biggest lies yet. She has never had a deficit, if anything, she profited $40,000. We all know she made at least $ 160,000 her first couple of years to invest in the title mart. Unbelievable, her lies.

  2. Here is another thought. If Judge Kallon agreed that the inmates could be fed nutritionally adequate meals without spending all the inmate food money...How was there a deficit? In June of last year she remarked she had a deficit of $38,000 already. But, now says for the total year she lost $40,000?

    It's kind of like her saying she was told by multiple parties "early on" the provisions of paragraph 22 of the consent decree did not apply to her. Yet, there is proof Bill Shinn told her clearly before she took office.

    So, what I get out of all the hoop-la is that as long as she feeds the inmates nutritionally adequate meals she can now squander the rest of the money and not pay taxes or claim it??? Even though the deputies are not receiving pay increases, needed equipment, training, etc?

    If she fought so hard on the inmate food fund account including not allowing the public to see the records, dare I say it is the only account she has skimmed off the top or depleted? Highly unlikely.

    1. Highly unlikely is correct. She has partaken in the commissary acct funds, rodeo funds, money and seized assets from drug busts, she probably has figured out how to skim funds from pistol permit funds and I'm sure there are other accounts her greedy little paws has dipped into.

    2. I am most sure of this as well. It would be interesting to see exactly how much money during her entire time in office she has taken...probably million(s).

  3. Ana did not take the job to serve and protect. She worked with another sheriff, saw money signs. She has been in the business awhile....Mike helped her. You do no skim off and deplete accounts to be richer while ignoring why you were elected. As a candidate you better stare at what is being offered and know most of your will power comes from serving. Not looking for extra money. If you can not do that, move along. Because the voters, deputies, etc. Do not appreciate you wasting their time. Ana Franklin, you have wasted judges, voters, deputies time. You have even possibly wasted barneys time...because that money won't extend the amount of life you took from him, his wife or kids and he was to greedy to see it. Your parents look sweet my dear...why did you not lead by example. Damn shame.

  4. Follow the Money.

  5. I say fire them all...Ana...Bones...Blake...Barney..Dee...Berzette...Livingston...Corley...they are all piles of shit who do not belong in law enforcement knowing fully well what is going on...taking advantage to make a dime.