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Monday, January 15, 2018

Really Ana?

Folks, this is getting old.  Every year this Bo dude gives the sheriff an award for special needs.  We can't help but wonder how much of the special needs funds will truly go to the special needs.  Ana Franklin has refused all requests for access to those funds.  There is a reason she doesn't want anyone accessing rodeo funds as-well-as MCSO funds.  The only people who have prospered from the special needs rodeos and sheriffs redoes each year is Ana and her thieving goons.

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  1. The special needs rodeo is a great event for the kids and volunteers that make it happen. The issue is that several ppl and companies donate time and money for this event (and they are great ppl for doing this)the problem is that the money raised that is supposed to be donated to special needs associations, events etc.this isn't happening. The 1st three rodeos under Franklin after the rodeos were complete with having profit of over $100,000+(3yrs combined) she donated less than $8000 to special needs associations and took her close net of friends some employees some were not on trips (like 3 trips to Bilouxi and two to Texas)and purchased a Chevy 2500 four door truck for $51,996.00 for her jail administrator and not a normal truck a loaded w/leather sunroof and premium rims. (Not needed to work at MCSO) also he uses a county gas card and lives in Limestone Co. Morgan Co tax payers pay for this btw.
    The volunteers and donations are great ppl but the sheriff is misusing and abusing the funds as to what is purchased using the rodeo/reserve/posse account. Thia is sad to take something good and make it bad because the leader is corrupt.