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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Out with the old and in with the New

Folks, 2017 was a year of learning experiences with a lot of hard work and dedication to revealing corruption in our county.  The whistleblower has been called just about anything you can imagine.  Revelations of how corrupt sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, the Berzett’s, the Goodwin’s, Mike Corley, Ron Livingston, Hilda, and others are have come full circle.  Sure Hilda will come out and say who me? Forgetting the multiple trips she took with Ana at sheriff's office expense.  Hilda may say well it ain't my fault.  I was just doing what I was told to do.  Hilda isn't that ignorant and even if she is, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.  As long as all of Ana's circle have worked in law enforcement they should know better.

All of these people were complicite with Ana’s deeds and participated in lying, abusing sheriffs fund.  Some invested thousands in the Performance Auto Sales, took lavish trips and enjoyed their reign of terror. They took the sheriff's office down to its knees. Leaving hardworking employees to try and hold the office together with little or nothing to work with.

Ana targeted good deputies and employees to force them out so that she could bring her own goons in who are willing to do her bidding.  Ana has gone through multiple new employees whose only desire was to make a living for their families. There are still a lot of good hardworking men and women who have refused to allow Ana to run them off. 

Progress has been made with Ziaja's indictments and Greg Steenson facing multiple felonies for his part in the crimes. For Greg Steenson and Steven Ziaja, their crimes all fall back on their PONZI scheme involving the Performance Auto Sales debacle. Greg Steenson ripped Jeffrey’s off for $3,000,000.00 but he was not alone; he had plenty of help. It is time for the new. Early 2018 we hope to see multiple arrests. Once those who banded together to destroy the sheriff's office and defame our county have been arrested, charged, and convicted we can put this black eye behind us and begin to rebuild the reputation of our county and bring in new businesses, increase the population, and regrowth of our cities and our county. 

That is if we can keep billable Barney away from giving huge tax breaks to any and all businesses that desire to move into our county. I am looking forward to a bright new year. We will always face unknown trials and difficulties in life that we must face. Those challenges are called lessons from God. Once we learn those lessons we move on to more lessons. We have been through seven years of lessons. It is time for us to learn our lessons and move forward in 2018 to new challenges.

Maybe Sheriff Franklin and her crowed can find a little Jailhouse Rock.


  1. I hope Ana stays out of jail long enough to see the voters reject her. Then we can slap the cuffs on her. Ana keeps touting qualified immunity. The SCOTUS can accept this week a case that would, and should, give qualified immunity a gut punch.

  2. Has anyone read the Decatur Daily article about Barney's house fire on Christmas Day? Is he bragging about people giving him gift cards and clothing? Pictures of fine dinner plates and silver on the table and the "whole house is a total loss"? What picture shows that? Just curious... how much money did he make last year? How much did the county pay him? Why does he need money, clothing, and gift cards from friends when he made so much from Morgan County last year? What's going on here? Something doesn't add up? Is this why Ana was on WAFF talking about fire prevention tonight? That was odd... Good grief Morgan County...