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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Open Your Heart

Folks, Doug Key got an outstanding job that he really enjoys in 2017.  Everything was looking up for 2018.  Doug and Maria had plans to start upgrading the home they live again.  They had just begun renovation of their home when Sheriff Franklin fired Doug within a couple of weeks after she took office.  The same practice she has continued since taking office to rid the sheriff's office of any and all employees that supported Greg Bartlett and the late great Howard Battles. 

Unfortunately, Doug fell in their kitchen and severely broke his ankle/leg and is not out of work for several weeks while he is recuperating.  He employer is working with Doug as is the fine gentleman that he purchased his house from.  The gentleman visited the Keys yesterday and is working on rebuilding their fireplace to assist them in heating their home. 

Open your heart.  We at Straightline Drywall will be donating $100.00 to the Key family to help keep them afloat until Doug is able to return to work.

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