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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lawmakers' campaign account investigation.

Well, this is interesting.  Steve Marshall, the State AG, is conducting an investigation of how our legislators are illegally using campaign funds for their private use.  No, really.  You're as shocked as we are.  

Here's some examples from the recent past:

"When state Rep. Oliver Robinson pleaded guilty last year to federal corruption charges, he copped to more than taking bribes from lobbyists. Among the crimes he admitted was using campaign funds to pay personal expenses, including $2,024 he spent at Saks Fifth Avenue and $400 at Victoria's Secret.
Likewise, when state Rep. Micky Hammon pleaded guilty to mail fraud last year, he too admitted to transferring campaign funds to his personal bank account -- money he later used to fund a failed private business venture in Hoover. Federal prosecutors have said that Hammon converted more than $50,000 of campaign funds for his personal use.
But if you looked at either of these men's campaign accounts there was never any evidence there of suspicious transactions. Not a clue."
So now the Attorney General's office has been investigating lawmaker campaign spending since at least the fall of 2017 and this week current and former Alabama lawmakers received a flood of subpoenas. Those subpoenas ask the officials to produce supporting documentation showing their campaign finance reports are accurate.
The interest part is who initiated the inquiry and why?  Secretary of State Merrill says he didn't.  Same thing with the Alabama Ethics Commission.  Could it be that we have a pro-active AG, one who isn't bargaining with the governor to get a Senate seat?   About time, don't you think?

Here's the link if  you're interested:

And what, you ask, does this have to do with our Ana problem?  Maybe nothing.....for now. This investigation seems to be limited to legislators....for now.  But if I were running for public office, for example sheriff, say, I'd be careful with the campaign money.  Just sayin'


  1. I hope they spend money on unearthing accounts that have been skimmed or depleted. The opportunity for them to do this leads too corruption. We keep electing individuals that are full of shit because they know they can lie to steal. Accounts...forfeitures, etc. They no longer enter into the race for "the people." Understand, you do not get elected for "bonuses" you get elected for the people.

  2. Exposing corruption is always a great thing. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the Nunes memo being released to the public. Some sources say the FBI is about to be exposed for being politically corrupt, and using illegal surveillance against President Trump. Maybe there will be a nation wide clean up?

  3. This Sheriff with her sweet smile and y'all sweet thing ways have put a name in Morgan County...she surrounded herself from the beginning with liars...they will lie to a Fed Judge or anyone for that matter. It will be amazing to see the outcome of all of this...sounds like the AG is cracking down on corruption and this is a darn good thing!

  4. Good news, Glenda! The media says the Nunes memo will likely be released today. I guess we'll all get to see if the FBI is as corrupt as some folks say. I'm sure you'll agree this is a great thing for ALL Americans, a corrupt federal agency acting to affect elections is horrible, if true.