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Friday, January 5, 2018

Interesting Luncheon--CORRECTED COPY!!!

Folks, I did something yesterday I rarely do.  I attended a luncheon held at the Freight House Restaurant where Madison County Huntsville (!) Mayor Mr. Tommy Battle gave a brief talk to many of the leaders in the City of Hartselle. 

I don't know Mr. Battles nor have I ever had an opportunity to work with him. I had an opportunity to observe his interaction with the public during the annual H.C. Blake Christmas parties each year that both of us attended.  He was always down to earth and respectful to the hard-working men and women of our trades in commercial construction.  Mr. Battles sat with our construction crews and listened to them intently.  He made it obvious that he cared about all of our workers as he went from one organization to another talking to our teams. He never made the conversation about himself.  Remember the word "Team".

I was a little hesitant about attending the event and being outside my comfort zone.  The organizers of the event put me at ease and I met many of the community leaders for the City of Hartselle.  When Mr. Battle began to speak he did not start out with Trust Me, I I I, or me me me.  Those words are show stoppers for me.  Mr. Battles spoke about his "teams" goal for Huntsville how he wants to expand Huntsville growth and how important it is for Huntsville that the surrounding communities grow along with Huntsville.  I thought geez that means us.  The cities of Decatur, Hartselle, even little ole Falkville, as-well-as our county's growth.  Mr. Battles talked about teamwork, infrastructure, roads, and transportation.  Mr. Battles also gave us an opportunity to discuss some of our concerns.  Corruption from the top down was hot on my list.  Others brought up the broken prison system, and the difficulties of the jails holding the burden for the mentally ill since so many of the mental health facilities had shut down.  We found that these subjects are also a large portion of Mr. Battles' agenda.  We would be foolish to believe that all of these issues will be dealt with immediately.

Folks, we didn't get where we are in Alabama politics overnight and there are no overnight fixes.  We have been through enough in our county that we want to be sure not just in our communities but from the State down that we make smarter choices in the future.  That means do your own research of your candidates, be informed, observe, watch, and vote your conscience.  This is another comment that Mr. Battles recommended to all of us in attendance.

I for one feel honored to be in attendance of a candidate who wants big changes for our state.  Please take an opportunity to watch the video on Channel 54 news.

Channel 54

Mayor Battle talks 2018 plans for Huntsville

Battle opens up about his agenda for Huntsville as he campaigns for Governor

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