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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Did He Or Didn't He?

Folks, we heard from multiple people that Blake Robinson did not work the last two months of 2017 so we prepared an Alabama Open Record Request to obtain the information needed to determine if Robinson was paid for those last two months.  We don't know whether Robinson worked or not but he sure got paid as if he was at work.  

We also heard from people working in a distribution center that Robinson is working three 12 hour shifts at the distribution center.  We can believe that since while working for the Sheriff's Office Robinson made approximately $38,000.00 working at Performance Auto Sales detailing vehicles.  We know Robinson worked there during his day shift job at the sheriff's office.

Nov 2          Nov 16         *Nov 30         Dec 14           December 28
80 hrs reg   80 hrs reg    See below      80 hrs vac       16 hrs reg
24 OT          20 OT                                                        40 hrs Vac           
                                                                                      16 hrs sick
                                                                                       = Total 72

*Check date 11/30/17
Reg pay
Week 1     40 hrs reg
Week 2     19 hrs reg
(OT hours 37)
According to the pay sheet, he had to have worked the first week at 40
hrs and 37 hours OT.  The second week there were only 19 reg hours.
My question is did he work the additional 21 hours at reg pay or OT?
I believe it was OT.


  1. He is not working at a distraction center he was on vacation witch he gets paid for and he worked for FedEx during that vacation get the fact's straight he does this every year he had paid vacation so instead of just doing nothing he worked while on vacation

    1. **distribution**

    2. If he was working another job while taking vacation, then his time sheet should say vacation or annual/personal/comp time/sick leave, like it does for the December 28th time. You can't earn overtime (OT)if you are on/taking leave!

  2. C'mon, don't come around here spreading facts, we only deal in lies and fabrications!

  3. I drove past his house yesterday and today and no more white van he must not be driving it anymore i wonder what happened also whats up whith the gold color truck is that a county vehicle? Btw when i drove bye slow the neighbors tried taking a pic of me lol so je has ppl watching his ass apparently lol

  4. Why are u driving past his house?? Uh creeper