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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Darrell Childers first in line

Folks, Darrell Childers has made it abundantly clear that he is running for sheriff.  He was the first candidate to qualify as a candidate for Sheriff.  Since folks have until 9 February to qualify we are sure that there will be many more candidates to qualify.

This will be a year to remember as we move forward with the upcoming primary elections.

We can also look forward to the hearing set forth to identify the amount of funds sheriffs have taken from inmate food funds.  You can bet that if Sheriff Franklin took $160,000.00 during one trip to the bank there was much more than that. 

We hope that Sheriff Franklin is feeding the inmates as is required by law.  We heard a rumor from corrections officers that Sheriff Franklin was actually buying bread from a Cullman bread store that was designated for farm animals and picking out the moldy bread and serving the rest to inmates.  If this is true we can only hope that Sheriff Franklin gets served part of her own treatment once she is incarcerated. 

This is not a meal served in the Morgan County Jail but you can bet when report Ashley Remkus ate lunch at the jail Sheriff Franklin filled the plates that day.

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  1. This is very exciting that, Darrell children has made it abundantly clear that he is running for sheriff. I hope they will tell us about Morgan County Jail Roster which will be helpful to us.