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Friday, January 5, 2018

Corruption in Alabama?

I'm shocked!  Shocked!

John Archibald of (always a treat to read) has a column on corruption.   Here's how it begins:

What do you do when your state's the poster child for corruption, when your top politicians are drummed from office for ethical and moral lapses and the world peers at you like one of those mugshot magazines on the counter of the Quick Mart?
If you're Alabama, you double the heck down.
Bring it. Bring it on.
What do you do when your prison system is a cage match for inmates and correction officers alike, where prisoners are stacked like kindling, where conditions are third world, a federal judge calls your prison mental health care "horrendously inadequate" and the best hope for medical treatment is to hope you don't need any?
If you're Alabama you gamble. Because hey, look at the odds. How many times can this state keep rolling craps?
A lot, people. A lot.
You can get the rest of the story here and surprise!  Nothing to do with Ana.  :

The story concerns the state Board of Correction signing up Wexford Health Services to provide health care to our incarcerated brethren to the tune of $150 million.  Despite Mississippi's history with this company.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood last year sued Wexford and others, saying it and a company it used for administrative services for years paid millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks, through a middle man, to former Mississippi prisons chief Christopher Epps. Epps in turn directed state contracts worth $290 million to the companies, according to the suit.
Epps and the middle man wound up pleading guilty and both were sentenced to prison. Hood is trying to recover all $290 million for which he says Mississippi was defrauded.  The story goes on and it gets worse and worse as you read it. 
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  1. Is the only news outlet in Alabama willing to report corruption? None of the local news stations will bring up the issues going on in Morgan County. has kicked Ana’s butt.

  2. You want to know why ??? I will tell you why. One word "MONEY". Who is one of Decatur Daily's primary ad purchasers? Is there a connection between this company and horse back breaking hussy Anna? YES!!! Is there a connection between this company and Morgan County's biggest (both relatively and physically) swindler, Gregory pooh pooh Steenson? YES!!! The company is Lynn Layton Chevrolet! The Laytons are knee deep, way more than they want to be in trouble with the Performance Partners/Steenson 3 million dollar swindle job. They desperately want to keep all the title swapping, money laundering, number juicing and who knows but the powers that be and the investigators as to what else went on, quiet and not let the papers get wind of it. So if it means protecting the horse back breaking hussy then money is not a concern. There is not enough ice cream in the Dairy Queens at Priceville, or in the whole world for that matter to save them.

  3. So who do I get in contact with about working to expose a judge, arresting officer, and another court official into coercing my girlfriend into pleading guilty under the pretense of avoiding jail? This has culminated to the point where she violated a probation by failing to appear to court dates she was not made aware of.

  4. Sorry forgot to say the forced plea was the root to this probation status.