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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Are you listening Sheriff Ana Franklin?

Folks, it is high time that something is done about the forfeitures of our property based on trumped up charges or of unscrupulous corrupt sheriffs and their gang of corrupt followers who call themselves law enforcement officers.  Though the whistleblower has never been convicted of a crime the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin has not returned all of the whistleblower's property under their drummed up search warrant.  My case is small in comparison to some of the people who have been affected by the sheriff and her buggered band of goons.

We say way to go Representatives Orr and Moody are pushing.  It's time to put the real criminals in jail.  From our standpoint sheriff Franklin, Bones, Blake, and Justin Powell are all at the top of the list. We previously identified on the blog the seized property that has been seized by Franklin and her thugs that was an enormous amount of property.  The only items we saw little of were seized drugs and cash.  Our comparison used the MCSO and the Decatur PD to show the differences between forfeitures for each agency.  We were SHOCKED.  Hum!

Hey Ana, can we have our documents back?  Can we have the multiple mirrored hard drives back that you made of our computers?

Alabama could rein in civil asset forfeiture

By John Archibald | 
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on January 25, 2018 at 6:45 AM, updated January 25, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Prove it before you remove it.
It's as American as apple pie. Better yet corn dogs.
The Founders knew it. The People, too. We grew up as a nation believing we're all innocent until proven guilty, that property rights are inalienable. That a good government - of the people, by the people and ostensibly for 'em too - can't just come take your stuff on a hunch. Not without due process of law.
It seems pretty dang self-evident.
But it's not. Not when there's money to be had.
Because in Alabama - and across this country - cops and prosecutors can take your property on the suspicion you did something wrong. They collect billions in seizures, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that old Alabama boy, has encouraged them to take more.
Even if you're never convicted of a crime. You have to prove you didn't do it in America today. You have to pay with your lawyers and your money and your life.
Reckon by's Connor Sheets has written much about the horrors of civil asset forfeiture, and the Southern Poverty Law Center and Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice published a study this month filled with humans and with numbers that make you wonder who the criminals are.
Those taken or those who take it? Or those who just look away.
The report describes a car dealer in Dothan, Jamey Vibbert, who lost everything after police sucked $25,000 out of his bank account, claiming he sold two cars to a guy who bought them with drug money. He wasn't convicted, and a prosecutor later apologized, but he lost his business and his home and much of the money to legal fees in the process.
They described another guy, an "innocent owner" named Jessie Giles, who let his son borrow his truck. When cops found drugs in the truck they seized it, even though the drugs belonged to the son and not the man who actually owned the truck. Jessie Giles was never charged, but he's still fighting to get his truck back.s
It's not right. It's not American. But it happens all the time.
The study finds the property owner is never charged in a quarter of all the civil asset forfeitures in Alabama. Cops can take a car if they find a joint in it, and it happens. The study says 42 percent of all cases - including the ones where no charge was ever filed - involved pot.
It ought to make us mad. All of us. It's not a partisan thing. It's not something that falls along red or blue lines. There's nothing conservative about taking people's property without due process. There is nothing liberal about standing up for property rights.
But for too long no one has seemed to care. Because cops and prosecutors rely on forfeiture for money and equipment and budget. And that, to many, is all they need to hear.
But they ought to have to prove it. Suspicion is not enough. Not in Alabama and not in America.
Which is why it was refreshing to see Republican Sen. Arthur Orr and Rep. Arnold Mooney stand up to file bills this week that would outlaw civil asset forfeiture and set up a standard process for forfeiture after criminal convictions, and an appeals process for forfeiture.
It's why it's refreshing to see a host of legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, co-sponsor the bills that would set reasonable rules for taking people's stuff. But only if they have been convicted of a crime.
That's all anybody should ask. Just make them prove it. Before they remove it.
SB213 by John Archibald on Scribd

See link to this story and SB213 below:


  1. Narcissistic.Old.BatJanuary 25, 2018 at 2:43 PM

    Glenda, sugar, you just can't help but lie, can you? Collection of evidence ain't the same thing as "civil asset forfeiture."
    Once again, you think your readers are too stupid to know the difference, same old playbook.

  2. Hey Glenda, where does your co-blogger Randy Cavnar stand on asset forfeiture?

  3. Anonymous sugar you missed the point. You and Ana have seized computers, seized vehicles, and taken property and never returned it. What difference does it make when you do not return property. Bones, Ana, Blake, and Powell you are criminals who took property from the whistle blower and Warden Bradley and refused to return it. Your day is coming.

  4. Y'all are barking up the wrong tree. I heard Randy and Glenda had a falling out, and now he's trying to get as far away as possible. Kinda like Rick Sherman.
    Like rats off a sinking ship.

  5. I have stepped back a bit. I do not get involved with this blog as much as I once did. I am still very much here. No rat on a sinking ship. I am still standing against Ana and her corruption yet I only need to sit back and watch it unfold. Steenson and Steven Ziaja have already been arrested on state indictments and the rest are coming including everything from the various Federal agencies. I will see you in court. For almost all of everyone who cares we all are tired of waiting and wish things would happen sooner. It is already happening! The rebuilding of our Sheriffs Office will take time and persistence but it will soon be purged of the corruption, fraud, waste and abuse as well as those who have committed criminal actions. These claims Ana had of ongoing criminal investigations were empty at best. And greatly exaggerated to the point it was false. The only real arrest are so far Steven and cousin Steenson but the others are still to come. A rat on a sinking ship is a great deal better than the criminal rat in a cage. Incarseration is coming. Justice is coming. The truth can not be keeped secret by Ana and clan anymore. Where is all of Ana’s honesty transparency and accountability? What happened to never using inmate food funds? What made her think she could be involved in a crime ridden car lot ripping people off? All lies and corruption Ana and gang have absolutely been caught with. Ana and her coconspirators are busted. The pieces are all coming together and calling people rats will do nothing to stop what is happening. My goal in all of this is and has always been to expose the truth and to see justice. As ugly as Ana supporters and coconspirators make it look. It is not vengeance I have worked for nor is it vengeance to all the people who have listened employees and citizens who not only listened but took action to do the right thing and report what they knew. Citizens, former inmates, current inmates, ex employees, current employees throughout the Sheriffs Office, jail, and admistrative level employees who have all come forward to do the right thing. Is it all of these people who are the rats or is it Ana and her coconspirator cronies and lawyer? The lies and deceit to everyone including the federal court have not gone unnoticed. The attempts to mislead the employees of the Sheriffs Office and the citizens and voters of those who put Ana in office are finally coming out. It is time for accountability and time to answer for all the corruption. As long as Ana has said people were crazy and none of this is true will she keep the same chat up at chow call when they serve her the meals? It’s been a very long time coming but thank you for all those who stuck their necks out to insure that the right thing gets done.

  6. Many people have stood and done the right thing. There are some who have made much more efforts and sacrifices than others. Reguardless of what all happens or how quickly it happens it is ubundently clear Ana’s run as Sheriff is all but over now. We all have accomplished a great deal and when the courts and various government agencies do their part it will show how everyone’s dedication paid off.

  7. I'm curious Rick, why did you quit the Sheriff's Office? With your extensive resume, why haven't you got a job with another agency?