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Friday, January 5, 2018

Ana Lied Ana Lied and She Denied

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin had one word to say in response to the attached document.  DENIED.  After the NYT identified witnesses that the Keylogger software was installed Ana still can't tell the truth.  The truth has been 'DENIED".  After Justin Powel told people who worked for the sheriff's office about his part in the Keylogger software and after another sheriff's office employee admitted that Justin Powell downloaded the Keylogger software from the sheriff's office via hijacking it without paying for it what does Ana do?  DENIED.


  1. Ana are you really so high and mighty and stuck on yourself or just that plain dumb that you think you have not done anything wrong, illegal, self-serving or immoral for years??

  2. I can answer that one for you. Absolutely Ana is all of the above. She is also delusional.

  3. I have lived here all my life and I worked in the sheriffs office under three sheriffs. I could not work for Ana. No employee should be told that they are not allowed to talk to their previous boss. Ana ordered me not to talk to specific people. She came in as a dictator it is fitting that she goes out in handcuffs. Anybody who knows Ana knows she will go out kicking and screaming.