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Friday, December 15, 2017

Thank You New York Times and Walt Bogdanich and Grace Ashford for telling our story

We must admit that the New York Times article is interesting.  It shows many of Sheriff Ana Franklin's true colors.  The Times is right where Franklin is concerned about sheriff's only answering to voters, giving them often-unfettered dominion over county law enforcement, the jail, and lucrative service contracts.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has had it all.  In most cases Franklin purchased hundreds of thousands of vehicles without open fair competition, she selected the phone service contracts and promised the county that if they dropped the contract with the medical facility the sheriff's office used for years that they would save big money on the new company.  Things have not worked out in most of these cases.

Continuing with the article we believe that we have a sheriff-gone-wild. Sheriff Franklin's conduct does not only border on fraud, waste, and abuse it is fraud, waste, and abuse.  Most sheriffs are interested in putting criminals in jail, enhancing their operations, ensuring the workforce is adequately paid, equipped, and trained.  Our sheriff focused on building a posse, rodeo events, high dollar horse trailers, gear, horse blankets, and embroidery for their high dollar clothing.  This does not cover transportation and lodging for the entourage of MCSO employees, friends, and family that traveled with the sheriff and often got paid as if they were actually on the job in Morgan County. 

Sheriff Franklin ensured that cash was greedily accepted because that was the money that was non-accountable and did not make it to the bank.  We have said this before and we will say it again.  Larry Berzett was seen walking in and picking up hands full of cash and pocketing it with no explanation.  These rodeos allegedly were set up and maintained as non-profit for special needs.   Yet, the sheriff's have no accountability of how these funds are spent.  Sheriff Franklin could release the records to the citizens and the media indicating how much of these funds were donated to the special needs and how much of the money went to enhance the MCSO operations.But she hasn't and won't. Franklin also claims that the rodeos brought in approximately 20K in profits per year.  Where did that money go?  Why did the sheriff use money from auditable accounts that belonged to the sheriff's office to purchase and or pay for posse/rodeo items?  How did the sheriff pay the outside rodeo company $25,000.00 per year to put on the rodeo events?

One part of the article is so despicable it is hard to discuss.  Franklin claims she has done nothing illegal.  Really!  Being found in contempt in Federal Court for misuse of inmate food funds should account for something.  We are pretty sure the sheriff is facing more illegal activity that will be brought to the public's attention in days and weeks to come.   She claims she worked her tail off.  Unfortunately, for Franklin, if she is human, she wasn't born with a tail.  It is obvious she didn't work her butt off either

The biggest lie Sheriff Franklin told the Times reporter is how she attempted to train the deputies,  to equip them with her piddly little budget.  The piddly little budget that Franklin has been taking from since 2013.

Sheriff Franklin has run her office with the perception that she is above the law even bragging that she will never be arrested.  Franklin bragged that she had the previous State Attorney General wrapped around her little finger.  She probably did.  She also claimed that she was close to Governor Bentley as well.  She probably was.  She claims that her boyfriend Charlie Mcnichol is best buds with U. S. Attorney General  Jeff Sessions.  We doubt that Sessions is trying to drain the swamp not add to the swamp.

It saddens us that as the Times states that the mere mention of Ms. Lockhart's name causes the sheriff to lose her folksy veneer. 

We really enjoyed the New York Times article and find it informative and truthful.  As for those employees who have not yet gone across the river, we encourage you to do so.

As for billable Barney Lovelace, we can't help but wonder how much money he has been paid by the sheriff's office and the county for representing the sheriff. 

Imaging Billable Barney reading the Times article gives us a chuckle.  Barney is so animated, a bully, and loves to jump up and down like a two-year-old when things don't go his way.  Barney has accused the whistleblowers of breaking the law on more than one occasion.  Perhaps he forgets that he was in the meeting when Sheriff Franklin, Bones, Blake, and Justin Powell coordinated the break-in of the whistleblowers' office.


  1. please continue your battle. I admire your courage. Stealing from people who are helpless is an ignoble act. I do hope the sheriff gets her justice SOON.

  2. "The rodeo brought in 20K per year"???? She's lying again as usual. Just the ads probably brought in that much. Then you have the gate fees, food and drinks purchased, booth item sales, etc. A lot of the food, drinks, and gifts to have drawings for, were donated. When they made to go out and get ads, they also were made to ask for donated food, drinks, gifts for drawings, for the rodeo. The rest of it was stolen by her and her buddies, promise you that.

    1. Just ask about the flag girls that carry ads on horseback. $20k is pocket change compared to the amount of ads sold.

      However, she won't get near the donations this go around (if she is still here) that she has in the past. Several deputies refused to sell ads last year, while some were still too scared to refuse. I have a good feeling that us on patrol will not be asking for money this coming year. It is an embarrassment to ask for money in the first place. Then you ask for money KNOWING it will be misused, anyone with integrity would not ask anyone for money. Nor, is anyone going to give donations.

      Mike Blakley may force his employees to participate in his rodeo... At least that's what we constantly hear. But, it won't happen in Morgan County. The reason Blakley gets away with it is because he takes care of his people. People tend to give a little when they are appreciated. But, when you treat people like crap and then act like you are on a pedestal, that's when your employees turn on you. As you have been told many times Ana, you will never be Mike Blakely.

  3. Not to mention the fact that she used free inmate labor to set up and maintain the entire rodeo and posse grounds, and forces her deputies to work the rodeo and cater to her biggest supporters (campaign donations) without so much as a thank you. So she doesn't spend a dime on setting the rodeo up or running it either, because it's much easier for her to use free inmate labor and forced officer labor. I thought she wasn't supposed to be able to use inmate workers for own personal gain? Oh yeah, sorry I forgot, all the profits go to "special needs", I'm sure she wouldn't lie about that and pocket every dime of the profits. Just like she wouldn't lie about stealing from the inmate food funds and investing in an illegal car lot scheme and scamming the elderly owner of it. Just like she wouldn't lie about not knowing her own cousin Greg Steenson, the convicted felon she trusted with 150,000 dollars that helped orchestrate the car lot scam. That makes sense though, because why would you need to know the person you're investing a 150,000 dollars with anyway??? With this logic it's no wonder she's ran the Sheriff's Office and Jail into the ground. We elected a greedy politician as our Sheriff, it's not the first time either, but hopefully it will be the last.

    1. No, we didn't elect a greedy politician. We elected a no-experience idiot who wanted to pretend to be Columbo.

    2. Idiots make honest mistakes due to their own ignorance. Greedy politicians lie, cheat, and steal, and since she was elected twice I would argue that she had 4 years of EXPERIENCE before being re-elected. I don't know how anyone wouldn't consider her behavior and actions to be greedy? Everything she did from day one was fueled by greed, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, which makes her a greedy politician in every sense of the word.

  4. One fact is the County Commission should know they paid salaries to people who worked at the rodeo and worked collecting funds for the rodeo and that's something they should look into since the Sheriff's Rodeo is a separate entity altogether and is not affiliated with the Morgan County Commission. This would be a form of fraud and I know several who would testify to having to do these things for her rodeo profit. Maybe Scott Anderson should start an investigation on this.maybe someone could give him a buzz.............

  5. Glenda you should be commended for your hard work and effort. Your thoughtfullness and courage has gained the National News and finally placed a long awaited spotlight on the abuse of government power in Morgan County, AL. Thank you for helping give a "voice" to those who feel scared, afraid, or abused to speak.