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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Strange very Strange

Blogger Comments:  You would think the story surrounding Luther Strange and Governor Bentley could not get more Strange.  However, it does.  When you throw Sheriff Ana Franklin in the mix the story is far more shocking.  Luther Strange was Sheriff Franklin's savior.  He was, according to Ana, wrapped around her little finger.  But Luther jumped in bed with Bentley which was already crowded and the plan went south.  Ana and her goons kept digging themselves deeper and deeper into their world of thiefdom politics.

One thing leads to another and Bentley appointed Luther to the US Senate.  Bentley was ousted.  Luther lost the election to Roy Moore and the beat goes on.  Who is protecting Ana now?  Is it Fredricks?  Did Fredrick's have anything to do with Steven Ziaja being placed on paid/unpaid leave?

What is going on in this state that allows those who reek of corruption to maintain their positions?  Many citizens in our county have been wrongly accused and were terminated from their positions.  To include sheriff's office employees.  They were fired with the exception of Alexandria Berzett who used the sheriff's office base to investigate her baby's daddy on NCIC.  She wasn't fired even though it was proven that she did it.  Now you have Ziaja sitting around on leave with apparently no intent to fire him until after he is tried.  What is unusual about this case is that Ziaja is facing multiple indictments, not one simple misdemeanor.   If Fredericks "had it taken care of" then how far did he have to go to keep Ziaja from being terminated, and who has that kind of power?   

Looks like if the misbehavior doesn't involve sexual misconduct, then the fix is in.  

Meanwhile, relive 2017 if you can stand it:

Could 2017 have been any Moore Strange?: JD Crowe toons

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  1. Can't wait for the day J.D. decides to draw an Ana picture after she's arrested and making state headlines.

    The more I read about Fredericks the less I like.