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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sheriff Ana Franklin Top 3 Decatur Daily Story 2017 and Top 2 Story 2016

Sheriff Franklin set out to make a name for herself as the first female sheriff of Morgan County.  She certainly has done that.  Sheriff Ana Franklin Top 3 Story in the Decatur Daily 2017.  Sheriff Franklin's notoriety grew from the lies she told about where she got the money to invest in Performance Auto Sales.  According to Franklin, she withdrew the money from retirement and savings.  Oh! Wait.  I invested because we lost money and I was trying to recoup the losses.  The story goes on and on.  Then we hear the story that I put the money back in the inmate food funds.  Another big lie.  Sheriff Franklin did not replace the money in the "Sheriff's Office Inmate Funds".  Sheriff Franklin deposited the money in Traditions Bank.  Ana account that is exclusively in Sheriff Franklin's name and not associated with the sheriff's office.  Franklin was found in contempt of court but told people "I won".  It appears she did.  The money that should have gone back to replace the inmate food funds established at the sheriff's office is still missing.  Sheriff Ana Franklin's pockets are still fat with the money she allegedly received from Ziaja to pay the money back.

In 2016 Sheriff Ana Franklin and her goons targeted the bloggers' office and the office and home of Warden Leon Bradly.  The sheriff and her goons became desperate to stop the truths that came out on the blog so they devised a plan to shut the blogger up.  What came out after the fact was a firestorm of controversy for the sheriff.  The sheriff admitted paying Daniel Lockhart but denied that it was for installing Keylogger software on the whistleblowers' computers.  Several folks have come forward and admitted their knowledge of the software.  To include those who say that Justin Powell, the sheriff's Information Technology Specialist, downloaded the software from the sheriff's office network.  Nice.  The real question is where did the sheriff and her gang of dumb gangsters get their skills as criminals?  We fully expect that 2018 will bring more revealing revaluations than 2016 and 2017.  There has already been one arrest and we expect more to come.  We also suspect that Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang of goons will be the Top story of 2018.

 Sheriff Ana Franklin
 Jail Administrator Larry Berzett
Blake Robinson.  We really don't know what this character is supposed to be at present.
Robert Wilson aka Bones, Drug Task Force

 Alyssa Franklin Title Mart Notary
Justin Powell, Information Technology Specialist
 Steven Ziaja hard at work.  Better times at the Performance Auto Sales.
Ron Livingston
 Chief Deputy Mike Corley hard at work at the Cullman Cattle Sales


  1. Disgusting bunch of criminals

  2. I don't think 2018 will be a very fruitful year for any of them. They can sit in their prison cells and ponder over all the good employees lives they have railroaded over to make room for criminals.

  3. Is that Ron Livingston that use to own the shell station at the Hartselle interstate and the one at brewer and ran for sheriff at one time?

    1. No, I believe that was his twin brother Don. Even though they are twins, they are nothing a like. Don is very likable, Ron is the evil one.

    2. Nope its ron i worked for him for years at all of his stores he filed bankruptcy on everyone he owed qnd took all the merchandise to his father-in-laws house

  4. I know that all of the goone squad have been having meetings late at night getting paperwork together preparing for the hammer to fall on them

  5. Is ana promising them the moon to lie and take the fall for her?