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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sheriff Ana Franklin Defiant?

It is hard to believe that the sheriff is so defiant that when the FBI and the IRS come calling she refuses to talk.  This according to our sources.  Sheriff Franklin has long been known to record the meetings being held in her office and according to some, monitoring everything the employees do on the sheriff's office network.  Maybe paranoia will do that to you.  

The defiance could be about anything pertaining to sheriff's office budgetary accounts but what if the FBI and the IRS asked for access to the Posse/Rodeo account? I seem to recall reading in the New York Times article that an investigation had been opened in regards to the large number of nonprofit organizations being run by sheriffs' offices across the state. It would make sense that they would start in Morgan County. In reality, there may not be one account within the sheriff's office that the sheriff hasn’t raided. Time will tell. I can’t imagine why Sheriff Franklin doesn’t give up the game and take responsibility for her actions so that she can move on. Moving on maybe the big house but at least she could move on. Should she decide to admit her wrongdoings it would also allow the employees and the citizens to put this mess behind us. Not to mention closing this chapter in her family. Alas, that will never happen as the sheriff believes she has done nothing wrong. I just hope Barney Lovelace is happy with the support he has given Ana in her dirty deeds; Dhe should be arrested with her.


  1. Why is all silent on the blog? Could it be her thugs and her are truly in deep shit?

  2. It is not surprising she is defiant. She was waiting for it and expecting it. They want the FBI and IRS to show their hand so they can manipulate around it like always. Nothing new. These agencies know it too. They'll play their first hand...Ana and do not play chest much do you? Hmmmm, shame.