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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pulling the load

Folks it is amazing that the sheriff's office is being held together with little to no leadership there to guide the troops.  On the other hand, the MCSO employees have been holding the sheriff's together for so long that probably no longer notice the absence of so-called leadership.

Once indictments come down nobody will have to give the employees directions on how to manage the operation since they have been running the office for so long.  We hear Pam Berzett hasn't been in the office since the FBI visited her and Larry.  Larry does come in occasionally but Mike Corley has scarcely been seen since his visit to Birmingham.  We hear he immediately called Sheriff Franklin for a back brief.

Has anyone seen Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson?  Perhaps they are getting their Christmas shopping done early.

We must have hit a nerve with either the sheriff or some of her goons based on the comments from one of yesterday's blog.  We tell the truth and spew their lies.  Which we know is their way of retaliation.  They can say what they want to at this point and try to make others look bad but it isn't going to change all the hard work we have all put into bringing out the truth.  We are beginning to think the sheriff and her goons are jealous of the hard-working men and women of the sheriff's office.  They told the truth about their commander in thief and her goons and now the goons wish they were on the other side.

The commander in thief and her goons are trying through their comments to destroy the good works of hard-working men and women to distract the public from their actions.  Good Luck with that.  Your rumors on past and present employees will not help you in the end.

We have developed a hard shell and know that the citizens will ignore your nasty comments while we continue telling the truth.  Speaking of truth.  Sheriff where have you been for the past month?  We hear Saraland is beautiful this time of the year.

We must admit that Sheriff Franklin has been going to all of the Parades.  These are the only events where the sheriff seems to be involved in.  Dee has been involved as has some of the deputies (probably forced), but we haven't seen hide nor hair of the Berzett's.  It appears that the Berzett's have washed their hands of Ana and her lies.  When you tell people don't worry I've got the whistleblowers taken care of and we are not going to jail because a wealthy business owner has it taken care of.  How did that work for you Ziaja?

We also noted that Darrell Childers has been participating in the parades as well.  It is good to see that the candidates are getting out to the public and letting folks know they have thrown their hats in the ring for sheriff.


  1. Welcome to the Morgan Tabloid. What happened? Where did all the facts go? Ana still in office and this blog blowing smoke and garbage about very biased political opinions vs exposing corruption. Sad. This site is going down hill faster than Ana’s bus goes to prison. Change the name to Glenda’s push and mud slinging for Childers for Sheriff maybe. Maybe Childers can ride his horse to the polls. Lame very lame. At one time it was good. Had the attention of many. I visit occasionally hoping it would get better but now I would rather waste my money in Dollar General buying the National Inquirer. Goodbye!

    1. Woe is me! How can this blog possibly go on without you?!

    2. Go buy the national enquirer buddy.

  2. Sounds like Fredricks got his panties in a wad again.

    1. No. It isn’t Fredricks this time. If you want to put Randy Cavnar in a tizzy mention Jeff Chunn or Darrell Childers. Cavnar doesn’t realize the county wants nothing to do with his lazy ass. He cries like a little birch each time he thinks someone is going to run against him.