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Monday, December 11, 2017

Overtime anyone? How about education and training? Congratulations are in order

We have talked a good bit about overtime here lately.  It would be interesting to know if Bones, Blake, and Livingston are still claiming all the overtime they have in the past few years.  The amount of overtime is totally unacceptable.  On another note.  Justin Powell seems to be working 70 - 80 hours per week without filing for overtime.  If we are wrong please correct us.

We also note that the County Commission is recognizing Detention Officer Rosenbalm and Corporal Kelly for the completion of the National Institute of Jail Operations.  Congraulations to Detention Officer Rosenbalm and Corporal Kelly from the morgancountywhistleblowers.

We eagerly await a sheriff that will ensure that the hard-working men and women working for the sheriff's office are paid adequately for their services.  We want to see more training.  Come on Sheriff get with the program and get these people trained.  You can't because you didn't budget for it.  You didn't budget for the 18 new jailers you claim you need to meet current operations.  Your actions hurt the hard working men and women who strive everyday to keep the sheriff's office together.  Then you point your finger at the commission.

Speaking of the commission minutes the Preliminary Commission Meeting scheduled for November 28, 2017, posted on the web reflects that the Sheriff's Office is losing far more corrections officers than they are gaining.  Without sufficient pay and training, the jail will never stabilize and maintain the longevity previous administrations have enjoyed.  Most of the deputies and jail employees have not had adequate pay raises in several years to bring them up to the standards of other sheriff's offices in the State of Alabama.  Before you start harping that pay raises are the responsibilities of the County Commission, let me stop you there.  It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to determine the budget for the Sheriff's Offic, number of employees needed to meet the requirement, grade, and to fight for pay raises for her employees. 

In addition, The sheriff has been raking in money for years from the rodeo/posse events that should have supplemented the employees pay by providing bonuses such as on the spot awards, annual incentive awards, possibly in grade step increases.  The sheriff also had the funds from the commissary account to enhance incentives for the employees.  None of these resources seemed to be used for any type awards, training and education for the employees, or for enhancing the needs of the MCSO.

We have posted time and time again about the fraud, waste, and abuse of the sheriff's resources.  One of our concerns is that when the sheriff is voted out of office or indicted for her actions the sheriff's office will have little or no resources to maintain the day-to-day operation.  Leaving the sheriff's office and the county in a bind.  Sheriff we are putting you on notice now.  Don't do that to our county and the hard-working men and women of the sheriff's office. 

We also understand that some of the command group and the Berzett's are rarely seen in the sheriff's office these days and the sheriff is seen even less.  Wonder why?

We ask the hard-working men and women working in the sheriff's office to keep up the good work for just a little while longer.

Excerpts of the Preliminary Agenda below:


  1. Has the commission ever held a public auditing of any and all funds in the possession and jurisdiction of the sheriff - line item by line item? Can the citizens of Morgan County sue the commission for not demonstrating effective oversight of the sheriff? Is the budget published? If so, how? Additionally, who is legally responsible for how funds are spent or mis-spent in the sheriff's office? Just curious.

  2. Blaming the pay for losing employees is ridiculous. However that is what the Sheriff and her cronies will say. But it does not explain why the office retained employees up until the past few years.

    Explain how Capt. Law stayed, how did Lt. Hines stay? What about Dutton, Price, Bili, Wilson, Kelly, Vaughn, Douglass, Fields, Radke, McDaniel, Reynolds, Shands, and etc. These guys were/are happy with their jobs because its what they were called to do.

    Pay can not be to blame for everyone leaving. It needs to be better, but its not the sole reason.

    1. What would be your opinion on why these people stayed?

    2. Because they were happy with their jobs. Happy with the Brotherhood. Without most of those people holding things together, the department would have crumbled long ago.
      As everyone says, you don't go into Law Enforcement for the money.

    3. Most of them stayed or are still there just wanting to get their 25 years in. They have a lot of time already invested.

    4. I appreciate these comments. I hope they out last the drama and stay true.

  3. Why does it seem like A.) One hand does not know what the other is doing, but does not do anything about issues that arise or B.) They have their hands in each other's patted pocket? We are looking at 7 years of this mess. I guess there is option C.) Everyone is scared of what the other will do to them if they have known ghosts in the closet.