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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

One time pay increase for Morgan County Employees

Blogger Comments:  Ok Sheriff Franklin it's your turn.  What will you be giving the sheriff's office employees these year.  Don't even start the complaints that you do not have enough employees or money to manage your mission and the county commission refuses to give you adequate resources.  The budget is your responsibility to develop along with coordination with the commission.  You cannot coordinate if you are not there.  You cannot budget if you are not at work.  How about taking some of the money you made off of the commissary and do the right thing for your employees. 

Reference:  Decatur Daily, Commission approves Christmas raises despite budget crunch
  • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer


  1. Bartlett did some bad things,but not as bad as Franklin and he always gave a one-time pay increase which is also called a Christmas bonus through the commission. That is something that sheriff Franklin don't seem to want to do for her employees but there are a select few that get plenty extra and overtime hours Etc. To help them through the holidays. It would be nice to have a boss that cared about the little ppl the same as ppl on top. Just be fair we are the lowest paid and treated the same a Christmas bonus would boost moral, may even get a few votes back from your own employees that lost faith in you.

  2. There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that Ana will give us a damn thing.

    1. You got that right, think about it 200 employees (estimation) @ $100 is $20,000 for the entire department. Didn't 1 employee get over 100k in overtime in one year. Let that sink in on who she cares about this 1 employer received 5x the amount to pay 200 employees a Christmas bonus. She doesn't care about us little ppl just the ones doing her dirty work and keeping secrets. We won't get a damn thing. BET ON THAT!

  3. Ask Bones or Ziaja to contribute some of the cold hard cash they have made...ask them to buy every single employee a $200 gift card to buy their families gifts. That would be the nice thing to do

  4. Bones could have not made that much in me proof.

  5. Bartlett did many things that were absolutely wrong, but as the comments above stated he did take far better care of his employees (including jail staff) than Franklin ever even attempted to. He was always vocal about officer pay and consistently fought for employee raises while Ana Franklin lied to us about getting our yearly step-raises and then gave us excuses at the end of every year for why she couldn't get the commission to do it, and how much money she had already spent on other things that year so we should be happy. At Christmas Bartlett gave 500 dollar Christmas bonuses, while Franklin gave us a headache from being overworked and understaffed, along with the choice between a ham or a turkey. Oh and by the way,those hams and turkeys we were given, it was all donated by local Churches, she didn't spend a single cent on any of it. But we took our ham or turkey because we all knew we couldn't afford to go buy one with our 625 dollars we got paid once every TWO WEEKS, because we were doing good if we could just keep our bills paid. Anyone who comes on here and criticizes the Whistleblower or still supports Ana Franklin is either an idiot, a family member, a partner in crime, or just delusional. I worked for her firsthand, I know exactly WHO and HOW SHE REALLY IS, and I can tell many of the others that are on here either have worked for her or currently do work for her. So ask yourself, why would all these current and/or previous employees all say the exact same thing and agree with the Whistleblower if there were no truth to it and Ana is such a good person? We all know the truth, because we lived it and suffered because of her terrible mismanagement and willful neglect of her duties as sheriff. So don't be so quick to dismiss all these stories, some of us already know the truth, but EVERYONE will know it's true eventually. So don't be the person that gets struck by lightning while shouting "it's only thunder" because it's not a good look. When the day comes that ALL of these hypocritical criminals are arrested and charged we can finally start to repair and rebuild the damage that's been done to the reputation of our County. I hope to play a key role in that effort, in the hopes that we can build a reputation for our County that we can all be proud of in the near future.

  6. Well she has a $150,000 in a personal acount that she named inmate food account she could give bonuses(jk) out of since she will probably take it when she leaves office. If that's not the plan why not put the $150,000 + interest back in the legitimate office accounts for inmate food to be tracked as it should be by law. Why is the money still in the account in Cullman county instead of placing it back in the original office account for inmate food? I think I will wrote the Federal judge and ask, then an order maybe issued to do the right thing.