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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It Might Be The Jug For Some Of You Mugs......

Ana is still trying to keep up the posse events. She has been participating in the Christmas Parades but she still isn’t going to work. Ana isn’t the only one who isn’t showing up for work. Larry and Pam have distanced themselves from Ana. It is interesting to consider that Ana seems to think some of you mugs are going to jail but not me. What gives anybody the arrogance to think and boast that they are untouchable and will not go to jail?  Folks, these are words that Franklin have spoken many times over. The impact Sheriff Franklin and her band of goons have had on the MCSO employees, deputies and their families, honest citizens, and even inmates have suffered greatly under Sheriff Franklin's time in office.  We do not need four more years of Sheriff Franklin's lack of leadership.  We need strong leadership, policies, procedures, and training to bring the sheriff's office back up to standard.

We are at a junction where people should be pulling together and not working on their selfish self-serving agenda. Don’t expect me to get involved in these agendas. I don’t blog your agenda. The focus is on the MCSO, Sheriff Ana Franklin, and the screwed up operations that the sheriff has put into place. It will take years to clean up the sheriff's office and set new policies and procedures in place. My goal is to report what I know and believe to be the truth. I believe Ana, Bones, Blake, and others should be worried. At the same time, these goons continue to try to destroy the whistleblowers.  

During research and hearing discussions about operations in the MCSO, it was revealed that some of the operations Franklin set up are not only wrong but are downright fraud.  Some of you do not want to hear that but it is a fact.  So, people get pissed that I told the truth.  We hope that we are protecting you from being charged with timecard fraud.  It does not matter if Franklin set the policy up.  It is wrong.  It is fraud.  You should demand personnel actions and force the sheriff to do the right thing.

Franklin has asked a lot of good people to do something that is probably commonplace under her supervision.  I am asking you to hold her feet to the fire and force her to correct this error or report her for fraud.

Others are a little ticked because we reported on a man with a way too much money and way too little ethics.  How dare you brag that you have Steven Ziaja's arrest taken care of?  Why would you want to?  What hold or interaction do you have with these common criminals that you believe all your riches and gold can keep them out of jail.  Lots of folks believe in this man from Priceville however, I for one do not.  So much for cleaning up Morgan County, it sounds like this guy would rather wallow in the swamp with them.    


  1. I think the whistleblowers are doing an amazing job! And are right when said that Morgan County needs cleaning up, proper staff, and someone in office who does what they say they are going to do and who is honest and has Morgan County best interests at heart. I know that someone and they are going to come out soon to run for Sheriff, and they have worked for Morgan County early on but quit bc of Ana. All they want is to see her held accountable for ALL she has done and ALL her thugs accountable as well. If (and I hope and pray) this person i am talking about gets elected it will be the best thing for Morgan County and they will clean up everything straighten everything up and run the office like it should have been run for 16 years now. Grated this person has no affiliation with politics, and no affiliation with any of the corruption, and this person knows it will take a while to fix 16 years of MESS, but they are honest and loyal to Morgan County and they are willing to take this task head on. This person would love nothing more than to see all the people who were and are under Ana and Ana herself pay for what they have done and this person also wants to give back to the people that were hurt and wronged in her wake. I can't wait until the reveal who they are, also it is not a big name. They have been in the shadows watching, but just bc they aren't a big name or you ha ent heard of them all over the place may not be a bad thing. We need someone like that to fix what has been done and so that we KNOW 100% it will get done.

  2. People may criticize this blog all they want and there are many things that are just bickering back and forth, but there is a lot of Truth in the stories. How would Morgan County citizens know about all the money stolen by Shwriff Franklin if it weren't reported on this blog or at least read here to be investigated further. According to Sheriff Franklin when she invested inmate food money $150k to the car lot that is now in bankruptcy she took the money from her retirement that was proven to be a lie because you cannot borrow from Alabama State Retirement Systems, the next lie was she took it from personal savings and then she said she removed the money because there was too much in the account to be covered by the bank Federally insured policy which is another lie. This bank policy only applies if every branch of every bank that you bank with Burns or is destroyed all at the same time, and then she stated she removed the money to recover money lost on the inmate food in previous month which is not true because there was never a shortage paying for inmate food with the allowance given. there seems to be no remorse for stealing the money only that she was caught.