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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How many will go down with the Horse Sheriff

How many of the sheriff's loyal posse/rodeo followers aka employees will go down with the sheriff?  Franklin has lavished funds on her extravagant rodeo and posse events disguised as a nonprofit for special needs?  How much money has Franklin taken from these events as her own money?  How many children and schools received special equipment to ease their suffering?  We doubt that very little of the money in question went to special needs.

We are also disturbed by the lavish vehicles Franklin purchased for herself, Bones, Blake, Justin Powell, and Mike Corley for the sole purpose of hauling their horse trailers to events or pretend overtime for Bones, Blake, Ron Livingston, and others.

The entire command group who should be the leaders of the MCSO employees has supported Franklin in her antics to destroy the sheriff's office.  What is funny about the scenario is that Ana hates all of their guts.  Especially Livingston and Bili.  Livingston is as low as whale poop.  He has taken away a lot of equipment and vehicles from the sheriff's deputies and given them to none APOST certified employees who work as Courthouse Security, Jailers, and Chaplin's.

At some point, after this is over, I would love to give each of the so-called Command Group Staff a copy of a tape that I have that reveals exactly how Ana feels about you.  Yet, you supported her, you knew about her actions, and you ignored them.  Your actions are as disturbing as Sheriff Franklin's actions are.

The house in Saraland, secret meeting with Booger, trying to reel the flock back in is taking a toll on the gang.  Many of them are sitting back now and wondering should I go across the river or should I just stay home?  Maybe nobody knows the part I played?  Really, I would bet that outside investigators know far more than you think they do.  Please sit back and wait and see if your pleas of ignorance will do you any good.

We find it interesting that Franklin is now limiting her time in Saraland as if we will forget about it.  We can't help but hope that all of the Title Mart mess comes out and people like Ziaja, Ana, Alyssa, Greg Steenson, and all of the other investors lose their property for cheating the Jeffreys out of their money.  The scheme was so stupid we can't believe all of the law enforcement officers became a part of it and involved their family members.  When we say circling the wagon we believe that is exactly what these yoyos did.  Blame Mr. Jeffreys for everything because there is power in numbers.  There is power in numbers but the truth will prevail.

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