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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dirty Cop Down

Veteran police officer charged with 12 felony crimes involving forged traffic tickets

Lawrence Harrell

A former Pleasant Grove police officer is charged with multiple crimes amid accusations he forged traffic tickets.
Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall on Wednesday announced the arrest of 47-year-old Lawrence Harrell.
He was indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on Oct. 20, and surrendered to the Jefferson County Jail on Nov. 28. He was released two hours later after posting $60,000 bond.
Pleasant Grove police officials said they noticed something amiss during a routine monthly analysis of officers' activities. "I noticed some inaccuracies that were cause for concern and I launched an internal investigation,'' said Lt. Danny Reid. "That investigation quickly found impropriety that necessitated an outside agency to be called."
They consulted with the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office in the Bessemer Cutoff and agreed the matter should be turned over and further investigation handled by the Attorney General's Office.
Marshall said his Criminal Trials Division presented the evidence to the grand jury, which returned indictments on 11 counts of second-degree forgery of traffic citations and one count of perjury. He said no further information about Harrell's alleged crimes is being released at this time.


  1. Why is Zivat aka one of Ana’s boys getting promoted to SVU? when he has his very own SV’s so we all have heard. Just another one of her lowdown sorry underhanded plans.Not sure any victims of crimes will appreciate his presence in this unit!

  2. The no tollerence to sexual harassment policy in the hand book does not extend to Zivat as he has an employee file a complaint of unwanted advances and touching, this only applies if you aren't a friend of the sheriff. That is sad. One rule for all is how it should be not what this person knows that could hurt you more sheriff. MORGAN COUNTY deserves better and at this point it's anyone but Franklin..........