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Saturday, December 23, 2017

County closes fiscal year with suprlus (sic) Even headline writers make mistakes

Good news in the Daily.   Here are excerpts.  The full article is here.:

The surplus comes after County Commission Chairman Ray Long repeatedly warned throughout the year that over-budget spending on employee health care and other unforeseen costs could push the county into the red for a second consecutive year.
Long attributed the surplus primarily to elected officials and department heads working to cut spending during the final four months of the fiscal year.

The Sheriff’s Office was about $87,000 over its $3.9 million budget, but part of that was driven by the county spending $1.036 million providing medical care for inmates.


Good to know that the County is spending a million bucks on inmate medical care.  And that officials and department heads worked to cut spending.   If you recall, Ana poor-mouthed her funding and did not, as far as the Blog knows, 'give back' as Long suggested.  Not to take away from the county's success, but over $100,000 of the surplus was a refund of insurance premiums.   And if Ana had known there was a surplus coming, she could have bought new drapes for the Saraland mansion.  Here is a model of the improvements she is planning:

Just kidding.

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