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Friday, December 1, 2017

Arrested ABC Agent Steven Ziaja confident until the end that he would not be arrested

Folks, the article published by Decatur Daily yesterday was very informative and factual.  What we found interesting is Ana telling the Daily at some point that "Franklin, Ziaja's former girlfriend, said last year that "his (Ziaja's) money has nothing to do with my money."

It appears that the sheriff's office money is Ana's money, Charlie's money is Ana's money, and Ziaja's money is Ana's money.

The story recaps Franklin and Ziaja's investments in the Title Mart's with Greg Steenson.   Time will tell.

 Steve Ziaja Mugshot 
Sheriff Ana Franklin and ABC Agent Steven Ziaja in happier times.

A lot of people wonder why Ziaja didn't roll on Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Others question who Sheriff Franklin and Steven Ziaja know that claims to be powerful enough to get them out of the mess they have gotten themselves into.  It sounds that a few people are still in denial.  While others think they can buy their way out of trouble.  Maybe money and power is the root of all evil, or is it the people behind the money and power?

BTW Steven how is that working out for you.  Don't think the whistleblowers have any sympathy for any of you.  You have worked diligently to have us arrested because we simply told the truth.

You wanted us stopped at all cost.  

We are sure there is more to come as Sheriff Ana Franklin and her group works diligently to deflect their life of crime from themselves.  We will continue to work diligently to report the truth.

In the meantime, Ashley Remkus a reporter for and the Decatur Daily Anna Beahm Staff Writer continue to publish the truth as it applies to Franklin, Steenson, and Ziaja.


  1. It sounds like Ziaja is in real trouble, if he used his position for personal gain I would say Ana certainly used hers for personal gain on a much larger level. Very interesting. The only thing that makes no sense to me is the way the Decatur Daily article is written. It says Ziaja loaned money to Steenson, then it says it was loaned to Priceville Partners. If I remember correctly there were copies of notes on this blog signed by Harold Jeffreys and Steenson. Then the article says Jeffreys owned 60% of Priceville Partners. Very confusing, who did Ziaja and Ana loan the money too?

  2. This was Anna Beahm's last article for the Daily. She works for Al dot com now. Hopefully her replacement stays on the story.

  3. With Barney Lovelace and the like controlling the Decatur Tabloid it’s been very quiet. They have been bought and paid for as evident in their silence with Ana Franklin and her corruption. Good job Anna Beahm. Good luck with

  4. How did the article go from Ziaja being charged and arrested for things that apparently have no connection to the Title Mart debacle, too an entire 1/2 page about him loaning money to Steenson, Jeffreys, Title Mart or Priceville Partners? It made absolutely no sense. I am confused.

    1. "Apparently have no connection to the Title Mart debacle..." It is not apparent. Infact, it is probably a great possibility considering Priceville Partners LLC is more then likely being thoroughly investigated. Either way, the media generally always gives a rundown of the subject from the past. It is not really confusing, it is informative. Perhaps we will find out more later. Regardless, Ziaja did a big No-No.