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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Are they really that stupid? CORRECTED - CORRECTED and boy do we feel foolish

Oh! The stories we make up in our minds.  The truck Blake Robinson is driving according to sources is FedEx truck and he drives it seasonally each year.  LOL, how foolish we feel.  Nothing nefarious just Blake working a side job.  However, he did this once before while working on MCSO time at the Title Mart detailing cars and making approximately 38K that was split with Steven Ziaja.  Either way, we stand corrected.

Reading the comments it is apparent that some of you believe that Blake is driving a moving truck around so that he can get rid of information that Sheriff Franklin and her goons do not want anybody to gain access to.

If, and I mean if, that is something the sheriff concocted to get rid of evidence that is the dumbest move they have ever made.  Everybody who is paying attention to the blog knows that Blake has been driving around in a rental truck.

It is most likely another one of the dumb ass tricks the sheriff and Bones set up to try and catch one of us around Blake's house so they can claim we are stalking Blake and his family.  Sheriff, Bones, Blake, this like all of your other attempts to try to pull us in one of your traps will not work.  You still do not get it.  We do not go out looking for you.  We sit in our offices, homes, or coffee shops and collect the information from those who are willing to share your dumb ass antics.

Sure Franklin claims the whistleblower has been in her house, destroyed Bones truck while it was set at the sheriff's house, that we are following the sheriff and Dee Goodwin.  They believe the stories they have made up in their minds.  The sheriff and Dee Goodwin are so paranoid according to our sources that frequently pull over to the side of the road and let traffic pass.  Why would we do that when we have enough information to blog their stupidity on daily bases.  Dee and the sheriff must have done something seriously wrong if they believe that everytime they get out someone stalks them.  We can assure you if we had stalked the sheriff or committed a crime to include jaywalking we would be arrested.

We can't leave Bones out of this blog.  I do not know about any affiliation with the KU KLUX KLAN but we have been told by dozens of people that Bones does not like people of color.  We have heard the disparaging remarks that our contacts tell us he says about people of color.  We would like to ask Bones if heaven is segregated?  We believe in diversity and the rights of all people to be allowed to work and live among one another without the threat of prejudice.

We are firm believers that the next sheriff of Morgan County should strive to bring diversity to the sheriff's office.  We need deputies both men and women who have been selected based on experience and not racism.  We need both men and women working in the drug task force without fear of racism.  We need to strive to promote all people based on their experience and knowledge not on favoritism.

Sheriff Ana Franklin had a perfect opportunity to strive for the aforementioned goals but momma Ana did nothing to enhance upward mobility within the workforce.  Momma Ana did not work on promoting women into leadership positions.  Momma Ana would have been well served to fire each of the Command Staff and bring in a diverse group of highly skilled law enforcement personnel to build a strong leadership structure.

Not one white person in Morgan County is any better than the people of color that live and work in our county.  Folks, you need to rethink your life if you think you are better than anyone else, have lived a cleaner life than anyone else, believe money can buy you anything you desire, and that you are superior to others, if you look down on the poor, and if you make fun of the special needs and the weak.   It is a sad state of affairs that some of the people we talk about on this blog have made statements and share the characteristics of this final comment on today's blog.  No person no matter who you are is better than another.  Laugh if you want to.  The people of this county will have the last laugh.  We the people, not some of the people of this county but all the people.


  1. Blake truly does work for FedEx each year around the same time while he is in vacation he has done it for years now I don't think he is hiding anything form anyone he goes about his normal business as far as I can see and I know he works hard and really does work alot of hours to provide for his sweet lil family who I love they would do anything for anyone

  2. It's a good thing Bones doesn't drive for FedEx. Imagine how many more dead dogs we'd have.

  3. Santa bones, will you be delivering goods to my house? I don't have a dog, but I could use a new furniture set? are you good for that?

  4. You guys drank too much coffee. You have offered no proof anywhere in your drunk man wander thought processes. I suggest you lay out your evidence & let the voters decide. You just sound like a bunch of people in tinfoil hats running around shouting the sky is falling. You must have a really great boss if you can(and I quote) "We sit in our offices, homes, or coffee shops and collect the information from those who are willing to share your dumb ass antics."
    I suggest you provide evidence admissible in a court law. Otherwise you have as much credibility as a washer woman's clothes. Put up or shut up!