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Friday, December 1, 2017

All is quiet on the home front, or is it?

It is our belief that some of Ana's followers have lied and cheated the sheriff's office for so many years that they do not know the truth and many of those who do know the truth can't face it.  Such as Corley.  Apparently, he thinks using his county vehicle to spend hours per week purchasing cattle and hauling cattle sometimes with the assistance of inmates is perfectly acceptable.  Of course, he does.  He has been doing it for years.

We can't wait to see Bones, Franklin, Robinson, Ziaja, and many of the others who have worked so hard to destroy the sheriff's office come to justice.  They will always have their followers and believers but at some point, justice will prevail.  Ziaja decided to trust Ana and Ana's backer rather thank tell the truth.  What will the others do.

What we have come to understand is that these people are cowards, they will lie, steal, and cheat and then deny their actions but when they come after you they come from behind.  They are weak little creeps that have preyed on the jail employees, inmates, and the citizens of our county for far too long.

We hear from folks who live in the neighborhood of the thugs most can't wait for the ax to drop.  We are a little surprised that some people still believe that they are as pure as the driven snow.  They have sleazy groupies that hang out and wallow around with them.  Still calling us crazy.  Not realizing they are treading on dangerous ground.  They are just looking for relationships in all the wrong places.  They should realize it is dangerous to intentionally place people in harm's way to prove a point.  We will wait and see how that works out for them.

The bitterness of some folks who destroyed their own careers is a damn shame.  Most of the ex-employees who worked at the sheriff's office and surrounding municipalities are trying very hard to gain employment while a few of the others burned their bridges and then went back to Ana for more.  Most people once burned stay out of the fire.  Others want to wallow in self-pity and blame others for their stupidity.

Why has Sheriff Franklin allowed so many people drive county vehicles who have no business driving them?  Because they are friends of Ana and Ana's goons.  Some have even pulled security duty using the MCSO vehicles.  What a liability Franklin has set up for the county.  At some point, all of this madness will end.  A lot of you will perjure yourselves and face whatever the court systems have in store for them.  Alyssa wasn't even dumb enough to perjure herself.  She may be smarter than her mother.

We will continue blogging while some of you wonder what happened and why your wealthy protector doesn't have the power to protect  you. 

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