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Monday, November 13, 2017

What is Billable Barney up to these days

Let me ask you, Barney, what happened to the investigation you received from the Marshall County Major Crime Unit?  Why hasn't anything such as arrest or charges come from that investigation?  What are you up to?  Are you spending more and more of the county's money while you are supporting Ana's needs?

It may be of interest that the whistleblower office was raided on the night of October 5, 2016.  Why?  The whistleblowers have done nothing wrong.  The keystone cops Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson and Justin Powell raided the office seized, the computers, and let them sit in an open area until October 14 when they were delivered to the Marshall County Major Crime Unit (MCMCU).  The MCMCU was trained by the State and Secret Service located in Birmingham, Alabama.  They are highly qualified as research has proven. 

Barney keeps running his overloaded mouth about the whistleblowers going to jail.  Why is the sheriff's attorney running his mouth about arrests?  Isn't that the Sheriff's job? When did Billable Barney become a Law Enforcement Officer with arrest powers?  Wonder where he attended APOST training?  Must have been with Larry Berzett.

Tell us, Ana, what happened to the investigation?  Why did you send the whistleblower computers and Warden Leon Bradley's computers to the Marshall County Major Crime Unit and then ignore the findings?  If you didn't ignore them why haven't you arrested us for the 175 criminal offenses Blake Robinson sent to the Sheriff of Etowah County?  The warden was arrested on one misdemeanor count. 


  1. How is it that an office admin supervisor charged her personal vacation on the sheriff's office credit card then paid the credit card bill by having access to the sheriff office checking account. This theft was caught by another administrative employee (reported to the sheriff)and the admin supervisor was allowed to pay the money back without being charged with a crime or terminated? What would this admin supervisor know that could be held over the sheriff's head to keep from losing her job after this blatant theft from the office accounts? what the admin supervisor knows must be bad (the possibility of ppl in control getting arrested). This is a valid point that Noone seems to be asking. Why does she still work there and with no theft charges?

  2. My, my, my. The list of crooked stealing thieves keeps getting bigger and bigger under Ana's watch. I guess she taught them well. I'm sure we don't know half of it.