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Friday, November 10, 2017

What happened to the Vacant Lieutenant Position

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office currently has a vacancy for a Lieutenant position.  Why hasn't the sheriff opened the position for open and fair competition, or why hasn't she filled the position?  One name stands out among the deputies who may be eligible for the position.  Blake Robinson is the employee that Ana plans to place in the position.  That is not a surprise to us.

Blake Robinson is one of the investors in the Title Mart debacle.  He invested thousands of dollars in the Title Mart.  He opened an auto detail shop in the Title Mart located in Hartselle.  Robinson and Steven Ziaja shared over $38,000.00 from the detail shop using the owers equipment, building, and supplies.  What a surprise for the real owners of the Title Marts.

Blake Robinson is also the sheriff's office employee who helped Sheriff Franklin prepare for the raid in the whistleblower's office and was instrumental in ensuring pictures and video were taken in the Straightline office to prove to Ana that their break-in was successful and the Keylogger software was installed.  The same software that Sheriff Ana Franklin claims that even if they did it, she has immunity to prosecution.

Blake Robinson is also the untrained deputy who arrested a man for a non-arrestable offense.  Blake doesn't appear to have enough experience to be a road deputy, much less a Lieutenant in a sensitive position.  Blake Robinson, like Bones Wilson and Steven Ziaja, are all going to jail along with Sheriff Franklin.

Their crimes against a business, citizens, the warden, and the community as a whole are despicable.  We are patiently waiting for their arrests so that we can move on to the normalcy of life we deserve as citizens.


Sheriff Ana Franklin Leader of the Pack
 Steven Ziaja Team Leader of the Pack

Bone Wilson Dirty Duty Officer

Blake Robinson oversight for verifying the dirty clandestine work details ordered by Sheriff Franklin

Information Technology for the Sheriff's Office and other duties as assigned by Ana, Bones, and Blake.s

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  1. With the county commission doing away with the Task Force funding Ana had to slide Bones into the open Lt. slot. This is why Blake has not been promoted but it’s okay he is still making money hand over fist for hours he does not work. Then he comes out and gets NAHSO money also. LEACH to Ana and to the dollar.