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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

So! Who is going to jail? Not us......

Folks, it seems like Ana desperately wants people to believe the whistleblowers are going to jail.  When Ana is out and about the county, she is frequently asked by those who supported her at one time if she really did the things that have been posted on the blog.  Ana's comment is always no.  Ana tells anybody and everybody that will listen how the whistleblowers went in her home, tampered with Bones truck, forced her to put fences up around her property (at MCSO expense of course), the whistleblowers cut my gas lines, the whistleblowers rigged my horse trailer so it would wreck.  According to Ana's own words, she met with folks in Montgomery to show cause why the whistleblowers should be arrested.  What does that tell you about the cockeyed sheriff of Morgan County?  It tells you, Franklin, is a liar.  If she had anything on the whistleblowers she would not be crying foul to the state, surrounding sheriffs, or anybody else.  We would have been arrested.

Speaking of Ana and her lies.  Ana will be arrested for a multitude of criminal offenses.  Ana will not be the only one of her goons who will be arrested.   She will have plenty of company.  She will have a long time to think about the destruction she brought to the MCSO, the employees, the inmates, and to families she destroyed along the way.

Ana doesn't care about the crimes she has committed, the people she has hurt and she relishes in having the power over her goons who commit criminal acts on her behalf.  Once they are arrested they will never understand or accept their part in the criminal acts that placed them behind bars. Ana and her goons are in denial.  They are cowards hiding behind their badges.  They attack from behind.  They are the worst of the worst cowards.  We could go on and on but all you goons are going to jail and when you do we will be there to help pick up the pieces and or perform any services we can to help rebuild a stronger county knowing you are done.

Trust is something you goons no longer have in this county.  Honesty is something you no longer have in this county. Integrity is something you no longer have in this county.  Morals are something you no longer have in this county (that is unless you are all ally cats).

Keep on talking about us going to jail but when you look in the mirror you know who is really going to jail.  It is exciting to sit and wait for your arrests to come.  We really feel sorry for you, well almost.  You didn't have to become criminals.  You knew what you were doing.  Each and every person who has a conscious knows before you commit the act that it is wrong. 

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  1. Reading about the 10 vehicle wreck on the Beltline. It amazes me why Decatur's judges set bonds at such a low level. Someone is at UAB burn hospital as a result.