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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Reprint of Chief Corley's adventures - When will it stop?

Current Blogger Comments:  Most people who work for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office know that Chief Deputy Corley has abused his position for many years spending hours at the Cullman Cattle Sale and now he is spending, even more, time at the Marshall County Cattle Sale.  He has it made.  He lies and sucks up to sheriff Franklin and turns a blind eye to the corruption and stands behind her firing of MCSO employees.  In return, he drives a big shiny pickup truck, sips coffee for hours in a family diner in Eva, and lies his butt off for Ana and/or overlooks the corruption.  Either way ignorance of the law is no excuse for their conduct. 

What about the Berzett's, Blake Robinson, Steven Ziaja, Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Justin Powell?  Have they sealed their fate with lies, corruption, and deceit?  Why can't these people see the forest for the trees.  Do they really believe they have done nothing wrong?  What about the property Franklin poured county money into for her "retirement"?  Does Saraland look as good today as it looked for Ana before she was caught?  How many people have these people hurt?  How much money and other sheriff's office resources have been taken to feed their greed? When will their reign of thievery end? 

Reprint from Blog Dated November 17, 2016

Chief Deputy Corley and Sheriff Ana Franklin have a lot in common. Such as abuse of power.  Chief Corley is generally seen at the Marshall County Cattle Sales on Tuesdays or the Cullman County Cattle Sales on Thursday using their county vehicles to move horses, cattle, gators, and the like.

Did we mention that Sheriff Ana Franklin is not the only one who uses or used inmate labor on their property?  Free labor.


  1. Corley has used free labor inmates for YEARS at his house, flooring, remodeling etc.

  2. Why is so many forgetful of Dee Ann? Everyone overlooks her but the little bit she is here she comes and goes everywhere with her high dollar county vehicle and helps Ana skim thousands for her tremendous retirement account and investments like Saraland. Most in the jail still believe a lot of this is bull crap and Ana is not nearly as dirty as everyone wants to believe. It’s been said most employees have talked to the Feds. That is not true in jail. There are more jailers than road deputies and admin combined. Some of us see some stuff but other than Goodwin not too much. The take home cars we have we deserve and a lot more for the very low pay we get. But why does a non-employee get a new one? Is this really how tax dollars are to be spent while we have empty refrigerators? Something does need to change. And yes I have been here over a year but if things dont change and the rich people like the Sheriff gets richer and my refrigerator stays empty it’s time to move on. So many others have. It’s not really worth it. Maybe these authorities should come ask us what we think. We can’t afford to go see them. We want to know what’s real vs this sometimes believable blog.

  3. O how i could tell so much about mr blake the flake i can see his every dirty move from my house!

    1. Please do share. He is about to be arrested anyway.

  4. It hopefully appears to be coming to an end as the sheriff's old boy friend Ziaja was arrested on 12 felonies in Montgomery Co. For things related to the car lot the sheriff, Ziaja, Bones, Robinson and a few others profited from. Read the Ashley Remkus did a really great story. Maybe a few more soon after all the meeting's over the last 2 weeks. It is about time........

  5. Im not sure of anything that's happening or what was all done but i only ask if yall would please remember blake has 2 small children and a wife i pray it comes out he didnt do anything wrong for his family's sake they are so sweet and kind if he did in fact do wrong he will have to answer for it but yall have no idea what all this is doing to his family i only ask for prayers for his family iv had several interactions with blake and he has been very kind every time and speaks everytime i see him his wife is so sweet and i know he comes off as rude to ppl but what ppl dont see is when a toddler from our neighborhood wandered off while the child's parents were doing other things then watching their child blake took the baby and changed its dipper that was at least 2 days old and gave the baby food and milk till the sheriff's got to his house he played with the baby and made sure the baby was safe and made sure the neglectful parents understand what could have happened to that baby ..but no one talks about the good in him only the bad we all have bad in our hearts