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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Reference Decatur Daily Article - Sheriff says jailers needed to curb overtime, liability

Folks, October 1, 2017 was the first day of the fiscal year.  Six weeks into the new year Franklin is just now asking for 19 additional jailers.  The sheriff has been in office since January 2011.  Surely by now Franklin knows that she must develop the budget she needs prior to entering a new fiscal year.  This is another of Sheriff Franklin's ploys to blame anybody but herself for her shortfalls.  It's also an illustration of Franklin's style of mismanagement.  The jail has been understaffed, undertrained, and underpaid for years and she knew it.   No wonder there's high turnover in personnel.  The jail's shortfalls are due primarily to her profligate spending available resources on toys, parties, and replenishing her "retirement account".  And secondarily, her frequent, continuing AWOLs.  If she were at work more often instead layin' up fat and sorry with a rag tied around her head.
(cue Johnny Cash singing 'Sunday Morning Coming Down')

The commission should stand firm on their position.  Commissioner Long is correct in asking what she can "bring to the table".  $600,000 of unforecast funds is a lot of money to spring on the county.  On the other hand here is what Franklin is most likely planning on.  Franklin will go to the Southern Center Law Group and report: "I ain't my fault.   It's that damned ol' commission."

We have to disagree with the Daily on their statement that the sheriff is facing a re-election next year.  We believe she is facing jail.

Franklin slipped into the sheriff's office today and met with one of the local media sources.  We just happened to be in town and noticed that a media source in our area turned into the sheriff's office.  The guy was there approximately one hour.

We can only assume Ana didn't want anyone in the sheriff's office to know she was there as we did not see the vehicle(s) she is known to drive.

Now we see that yet another media source is at the sheriff's office awaiting their turn.


  1. Ron Livingston, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson I have talked to almost everyone else. I just want to be fair. I know this guy that a whole lot of people have talked with. I am offering you the same chance. He is one of the ones I have been referring to that really can make a difference. For the most part he seems to be pretty quiet. He is a very good listener. I am pretty sure he would listen to what you have to say. Who knows he may even listen to Barney for a little bit. If you need his number let me know I would be glad to give it to you. Please don’t waste his time because I am quite certain he is a very busy man right now. If I can help let me know. You all know me well enough to know I am always willing to give a helping hand.

  2. Oh no, don't tell them to bring more money to the table. We'll just see more petty traffic tickets (some made up) and contempt of cop arrests to generate revenue rather than promote public safety.

  3. Trying to bring in more detention deputies is definitely an attempt to cover her tracks, but it's too little too late. Those pods have operated for years now with only 2 officers on average trying to guard over 100 inmates. Some pods with closer to 200 inmates with only 2 guards, 3 at most. She found a loophole and started counting anyone and everyone on the jail staff as detention deputies working with the inmates, when in reality most of those people have never set foot inside the jail where the inmates are located. She counts the dispatch personnel, master control, front desk, and most admin. as detention deputies guarding inmates. This way on paper the jail doesn't look as understaffed and pathetic as it actually is!!! She's used this tactic for years now and wants to try to clean it up before elections so it's one less bullet coming at her later. Not that it's needed anyway, she's given anyone who's gunning for her plenty of ammunition with all of her snake moves and back door deals. This is what happens when a Politician gets elected Sheriff of a county, they don't serve and protect the citizens, they take advantage of the citizens for their own financial gain. I hope to rectify that situation on this upcoming election, as someone who's Of the People and For the People, Not Another Greedy Politician!!! I'm sick and tired of our county being the laughing stock of law enforcement and the best example of What Not To Do.

  4. Dutch ??????? Who is Dutch?

    1. What difference does it make? They sure as hell know what they are talking about and it is the TRUTH.

  5. It’s Darrell Childers. Good man. Even when he was thrown under the bus over a dispute over a dog. An arrest for a dog vice Ana Franklin the most corrupt politican known to our county she doesn’t give a crap about the sheriffs office or employees. Don’t forget somehow Cavnar’s picture was a picture of his brother in the Daily.

  6. As the other comment stated, I speak the TRUTH. That's all that matters at the moment. I am not Mr. Childers though, that I can assure you. I doubt Mr. Childers would know what goes on inside the jail on such a detailed level, as road deputies don't spend their day at the jail around the inmates they arrested. There's much more beneath the surface that I could cover, but I don't care to at the moment. I'm just glad we have the Whistleblower format to speak out about these things and try to keep people honest. This will help create positive change in our community in the future. Because it allows the People in the community to police their elected leaders and officials and hold them accountable for their actions. This is exactly how the world should work, the power should remain in the hands of the people! I believe this with all my heart and know it's the best way to operate. But then again, I'm not a Politician so I'm sure that a few people in certain positions would silently disagree.

  7. Only days maybe hours left now. Here it comes. Ana and gang if you have procrastinated about getting your affairs in order before arrest are made you may likely be running up on late. No one can say you did not have plenty of advanced warning. It all came tumbling down. All the cronies are more than blind if they don’t see it now. Being a thief with a badge is horrible I am just glad most of the Deputies did not partake and did not get involved with the criminal activity and conspiracies that took place. To bad for you some were not as loyal as you thought. And to bad you could not walk over as may as you thought and get away with it. It was only a matter of time before it all caught back up. As these unfortunate consequences happen I wish the best and most peaceful conclusion to a unbelievable dark and treacherous time for the Sheriffs Office.