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Thursday, November 16, 2017

More and more people have gone across the river

Was it Larry and Pam?


  1. I sincerely hope and pray that Larry and Pam talked to the FBI. I know they didn't want to be involved but they are. Tell it all Larry and Pam get it off your shoulders.

  2. Dee Goodwin is the one who should be flying across the river. I can't help but feel sorry for Brian. She is a piece of work.

  3. Good lordie this mess is getting mighty good. I smell bad corruption....thugs going down.

  4. Ron Livingston, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson I have talked to almost everyone else. I just want to be fair. I know this guy that a whole lot of people have talked with. I am offering you the same chance. He is one of the ones I have been referring to that really can make a difference. For the most part he seems to be pretty quiet. He is a very good listener. I am pretty sure he would listen to what you have to say. Who knows he may even listen to Barney for a little bit. If you need his number let me know I would be glad to give it to you. Please don’t waste his time because I am quite certain he is a very busy man right now. If I can help let me know. You all know me well enough to know I am always willing to give a helping hand.

    1. You really think those folks are gonna join up with your personal vendetta, when y'all have been running them down, and lying about them for two years?
      You are one bizarre person. I'm not sure which of you are more psychotic at this point.

  5. It's cooperate or end up arrested at this point because so many have come together to stop the theft coming out of this office. Current and previous employees and friends saw what was going on and it's so sad Morgan Co deserve's better at this point that would be anyone else.

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