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Monday, November 27, 2017

Living in Interesting Times

It appears that this week will be an interesting, perhaps memorable, week.  Our sources tell us that Ana now says she is not going to jail and that 'several' sheriffs that have come up on charges and have been cleared.  We don't believe she's really talking about Alabama.  The only sheriff we found was the sheriff of Sumpter County and he paid dearly.  Is it possible that more sheriffs will be indicted since the Governor has set out to clean the swamp of corruption in Alabama?  We can't help but wonder how many of you Ana's faithful have young children, elderly parents and family members with special needs, all relying on you.  You should have known that they can't keep up the corruption forever.  You willingly followed Ana into a roach motel.   You can check in but you can't check out.  Unless you repent and come clean.  The clock is ticking.


  1. Ana is more criminally insain and unfit for office than any of us imagined if she can make herself believe she is not going to prison at this point. She destroyed the Sheriffs Office. And now with all the court proceedings going on these many indictments going to come out we can only sit back and watch the scurrying. They already ratting each other out. She knows it and she knows she is done. Will she fight it and make them impeach her? Or will she try to save herself and her family some embarrassment as she gets run out of town with her corrupt thugs? Interesting times. And so very few it seems now still hold out and stay true to Ana. They will silently come around also if they haven’t already. Ana call a press conference and don’t lie this time as you resign your office over to anyone of your choosing who will take it. You are done. Pack your stuff in Saraland and drop it with your daughters. Maybe they won’t pawn it off while you are in prison. Saraland will be long gone and auctioned off to recoup some of the stolen money you used to build it all. Has the taxes been paid up on that place with all the construction they say is there? Game over! Come back and surrender.

  2. I think that she is the criminal in the scenario and the sheriffs are right on their accusations. The charges might be cleared but I wonder that why so many sheriffs complained?