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Thursday, November 9, 2017

It Ain't My Fault

Ana and Dee Goodwin worked very hard to try to pull a class action lawsuit.  Their idea was to shut the whistleblowers up.  Ana needs the class action lawsuit to distract the county from her problems.  Dee Goodwin is very upset that we disclosed her dirty little secrets and her dealing with Ana and the inmate and the swindling of commissary funds.

Franklin has been playing hide the high dollar horse trailer thinking that nobody would miss it.  The horse trailer is/was hidden out at Dee's mom's house.  the sheriff must have thought we would forget about it.  Franklin bought one of the horse trailers at Title Mart.  Good luck getting the title.

All of Ana's goons know that their days of freedom are numbered.  We know why Dee spews venom we have told the truth about her.  Of course, Steven Ziaja sent us the information under his alias as Ricky Dukes. 

Ana is slowly washing her hands all of her goons to include Dee and Pam.

The party is coming to a close.  No more running around horse trailer beds and falling into a drunken stupor.  They're coming for you, they're coming for private, they're coming for troll, Bones, Blake, Robinson, Powell, and others.

The whistleblowers know the Ana goons are worried because their lips are moving.


  1. Spin Queen theme song ?

  2. I guess Ana thinks it’s not her fault no one other than her chooses few can really afford to go to all the Alabama games and get drunk like she does. Ana can do whatever she wants and take the Sheriffs Office funds to do it but it’s not her fault. Ana lives the high life as she sees it while she parties all the time. Saraland, Alabama ball games, etc etc etc and the other employees are pay day to pay day struggling to keep gas in the car to get to work and groceries in the fridge. These employees are always at work but it’s not Ana’s fault she never has to come to work and parties all the time. Her spin is so old! She is a fake. She has become an embarrassment of a Rodeo Clown for this Sheriffs Office. But it’s not her fault. Whiskey made her do it.

  3. Fucking whistleblower. Bitch locked us out

  4. I was thinking more of the Silkk the Shocker song:

    "Ohhhhhhh, it ain't my fault (Did I do dat?)"

  5. Private.Still.HereNovember 9, 2017 at 4:34 PM

    What's wrong Glenda? Why did you remove all those posts? Too much truth for you to handle?

  6. Shut your nasty mouth and she won't lock you out.

  7. Shut your nasty mouth and that won't happen.

  8. How can a nonprofit tax exempt afford to buy Berzett a white 4 dr Chevy Truck for $51,000 and take 2 trips to Biloxi for 15+ppl and a trip to Texas July 2014 for 10+ppl some not even employees. This is non-profit with its on tax ID# for the reserve/rodeo/posse. Id# 63-0852549 do an open records request for the account on this and I'm sure ppl will see where the rodeo money raised went instead of special needs organizations like the public is being told. These trips cost a lot and the county business donations for the rodeo pay for this... ask about these things. Just an opinion but it seems this is unethical and Sheriff Ana Franklin is the head of it and was on each trip..Morgan Co deserves better.