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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Incumbent Sheriff Ana Franklin will she run for Sheriff of Morgan County Again?

It isn't going to happen.  The sheriff knows there is no way she could possibly be reelected.  Oh! She is trying hard to keep a strong appearance and telling folks that she is going to run again.  Hang it up, sheriff.

There is no way of stating how terrified Sheriff Ana Franklin is right now.  That is why she hasn't announced her candidacy for Sheriff.  She is scared to death that some of her loyalists will cross the river and roll.  Ana's loyalists have backed her through thick and thin years.  When all is said and done Ana will turn on each and every one of them.  Franklin threw Bones, Blake, Robinson, the Goodwins, the Berzett's, and Justin Powell crumbs while she was rolling in dough.  They have had special perks as has Hilda while most of the other employees such as correction officers who work for $11.64 per hour while Limestone County Corrections officer is making around $15.00.  Now that is a disgrace.  The same goes for the Deputies.  The entire command staff should be fired.  Corley and Bili tell Ana everything.  You see Corley doesn't care about the employees.  Bili is a fence rider.  I will explain his role and that of another individual in due time.  Ron Livingston is yet another suck up to Ana and according to Ana too old and incompetent.  I am not saying anything that can't be proven by tape.

We believe that we have only discovered a small portion of the corruption that has taken place across this county.  We told the loyalists day after day that the corruption could not continue.  They laughed at us called us names and made fun of us.

So! What do we think of you now?  We think enough of you to tell you to hightail it across the river.  Fall on your sword.  Admit your part and what you know.  Self-reporting could help redeem you and help rebuild your family.  A lot of difficult times are ahead for all of us in.  Do the right thing.  Especially Steven Ziaja.  Jail time with a clear conscious is far better than setting in jailing thinking about what you could have done to change the outcome of your consequences.

The sheriff is trying to pull clandestine meetings together in an attempt to keep the lies going.  I can't blame her for that.  It's a little too late to continue the charade, Ana.  Admit to owning the property in Saraland Ana before it is seized.

Coming clean is a redeeming quality.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too confident that people will vote against Ana that voted for her last time. I mean, look at the current Roy Moore situation. We have people, including our governor, that stated even if she believes the accusers that she will still vote for Moore. We'll have the same thing in Morgan County. There are people that will vote for Ana no matter what. Just read her Facebook page and the Sheriff's Office page. Never underestimate the absurdity of tribalism.

We have to find the right candidate first, and I don't mean just anyone that can beat her. Someone that is more concerned with upholding the rights of the people of Morgan County while restoring integrity to the office. Not just someone who is in it to catch the "bad guys."

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you have said except for one fact. Once Ana is indicted it changes it all. When she is arrested for multiple charges and much of all this comes to light there will be more than what has come out on this blog. When the coroner takes over and Ana’s thugs are also arrested and removed from the Sheriffs Office it will change a great deal. Tribalism would shift to the sitting Sheriff then I guess which will not be Ana. She knows this as does most of her employees. Everyone will! Goodbye Ana and thugs.

Kevin O. Burke said...

good post

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add something about the low pay. Everyone is required to work 12.5 hours per day and more times than not we are NOT allowed to take a lunch due to low staff issues/too busy. But, even when we claim no lunch was taken and our activity logs state no lunch was taken, we are deducted an hour REGARDLESS. We don't clock out for lunch so this can't be tracted other than our activity logs and master control activity logs and our lunch log kept by master control. So, often we are shorted SEVEN hours overtime per pay check due to lunch breaks not being taken. Now, let's ignore the lunch issue and just run basic numbers. 12.5 hour shifts minus 1 hour for the lunch we don't take is 11.5 hours per shift. 11.5 x 7 days is 80.5 hours, BUT we only get paid straight 80 regardless. Where is our extra half hour overtime? So, we are regularly missing 7.5 hours overtime per pay Check! I hope someone can address this one way or another, it's not fair to not only underpay our hourly wage but to work us without pay is just plain immoral and illegal. I wish a new policy would be to clock out for lunch and if we can't clock out due to whatever reason, we can get paid for the time we are working.

Anonymous said...

You could contact the Labor Board, but I think Alabama falls under Federal guidelines for work hours. You might be better off contacting an attorney to sue the county commission to claim unpaid overtime?

Anonymous said...

Who requires you to work the extra .5 hours each day? Sheriff, Captain, Sargeant?