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Thursday, November 30, 2017

First Domino Falls

Well, folks, it has begun.  No doubt the roaches are running helter-skelter around the kitchen floor.  Who's next?  What'll I do?   Where will I go?  I'd be scared too if I knew that MULTIPLE agencies are entering the fray.  The Ziaji story is, for now, an ALEA operation (well done, guys) but just you wait.  Just wait.  There's more to come.  Oh, and by the way, Ana, Steven, Barney and all the other thugs, thugees, and Kool-ade drinkers, the blog and its members accept your apologies.   We were right. 

Here's story via (edited ):

Alabama ABC agent indicted on 12 felonies, including use of position for personal gain

An Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control agent has been indicted on 12 felony charges, including allegations of using his state law enforcement position for personal gain.
Steven Wrea Ziaja was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday before being released on $30,000 bail, court documents show. The 39-year-old from Morgan County has worked as an ABC agent employed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.
The indictments, made public today, accuse Ziaja of obtaining multiple people's personal information from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center using state computers. The Center's database includes information from the National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC. The information is available to law enforcement for investigative and official business purposes.
Ziaja is charged with 11 felony counts of computer tampering and one count of using his law enforcement position for personal gain. Court documents allege he used his position "to obtain personal gain for himself, a family member or a business with which he was associated." Records don't identify what the gain was or what it relates to. Ziaja hung up the phone when contacted him for comment.
The indictments against Ziaja were issued in Montgomery County Circuit Court. Indictments are issued when a grand jury determines prosecutors have enough evidence to formally charge a defendant and send the case to trial. The Alabama Attorney General's Office is prosecuting the case, which was investigated by ALEA special agents.
Each of the computer tampering charges is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The use of office for personal gain charge carries a sentence up to 20 years in prison. A booking photograph of Ziaja and further details about the case weren't immediately available.


  1. They needed a picture of ol booger to go along with this article. And please don't forget about Gregory Steenson , that needs to apologize. Greg sure hasn't had much to say lately, he sure was a big contributor to this blog with his colorful commentary. What was the name of the love boat booger and Gregory were involved in? Better hit the lake Greg one last time!!!

  2. Corley is walking around like he just lost his best friend. Ziaja is a damn fool As is Corley and the rest of the gang. My question is when wil Ana joint Ziaja in the criminal arena?

  3. I hope the media is at the Sheriffs Office now waiting and demanding a statement from Ana. We have not seen her lie on TV lately. Hope they hurry up now. Those good employees at the Sheriffs Office need a good early Christmas present. Will Ana resign or will she cost the county that much more to impeach her? Ana’s boyfriend and business partner she invested so much Sheriffs Office funds with into Title Marts has 12 charges from only one of the state agencies. What happens when the Feds move in?

  4. Call the TV stations and demand they interview Ana.

  5. Hey high and mighty Ana, remember your words...."I cannot and will not be arrested, I am the sheriff of Morgan County, no one can arrest me". YES you can and YES you will. This is going to be the best Christmas EVER!

  6. Looks like the newspaper spelled your name right this time Ziaja. You were upset a few years ago when they spelled it wrong.

  7. wow, i don't see any of the muppets coming to chime in about how the blog is all a lie. they're all probably running scared right about now. i told them, wait until the preponderance of evidence is too much for the Feds and other agencies to ignore.

    i can't wait to see high and mighty Ana and her kissin cousin Greg to go down next. they need higher bail amounts so these creeps have to stay locked up longer!

  8. So Ana you were told before you even took office you could NOT tough the food account by a long time well known Decatur attorney...Bill Schinn Barney Lovelace father in law who has gotten rich off your shenanigans. But you do it anyway? Lie it came from retirement and savings? Once busted you finally had to tell truth after several thousands in attorney fees? Barney protecting your every move...