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Monday, November 13, 2017

Blogger Comments

For all of those who miss the comments, we intend to turn the comments back on.  We do not mind healthy comments that discuss the issues but the vulgar filth will not be tolerated.  We will permanently block all inappropriate comments from both sides.  If you disagree with the fact that the sheriff bought property in Saraland so state it.

It is interesting to note that all nasty comments stopped once we decided to monitor the anonymous comments.   If the vulgar comments are placed on the blog we will block the anonymous comments and only legitimate comments will be accepted so each person can take responsibility for their words.

You may not like what you hear on the blog but you are going to hate the sound of prison doors locking behind you if you are a part of the sheriff's corrupt group. 

The whistleblowers will have to defend their words; are you willing to do the same?


  1. So Barney and Ana have been very busy trying to formulate a plan. Lots seems to be unfolding now. It appears comments can be made again. Private and others not being honest and being very ugly please do not cause comments to get turned off again. If you support Ana and those few who stand with her you have that right. Tell us why but no more bull crap that’s not anything but divisionary crap. Comments can be an interesting part of this blog.

  2. Great news! No more nasty comments, no filthy language, no name calling, no unfounded accusations, no personal attacks of family members... Oh wait... that's what Glenda and her useful idiots have been doing for over two years.

    1. Great news! You won’t be calling anyone useful idiots on here much longer. Tell your cell mates useful idiots had you put in prison!

  3. What’s next? More court? Dixie Chicks done?

  4. Grab the popcorn!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Get a news paper for the next few weeks and then grab your popcorn! It's about time...

  6. Grab popcorn and make sure to get the newspaper for the next few weeks because it's about time and many things will come into the light.