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Friday, October 27, 2017

When the dominoes fall

The comments have gone crazy.  Folks can speculate until the cows come home but you are still going to have to set back and wait and that goes for both sides.  Keep on bickering its fun to read.

No matter which way the dominoes fall, people, are going to jail.?  When the dominoes are aligned just right there is no stopping their fall.

One of our contacts said they saw Ana downtown today looking for something to wear tomorrow to impress Roy Moore.  I doubt there is an official in the state that hasn't heard of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  She will try to kill two birds with one stone tomorrow. Trying to impress Roy Moore and suck up to Mr. Fredricks.  Have fun, Ana.  In addition, if the Sheriff's Office is participating in the Take Back Drug Program tomorrow she will not want to miss it.  It's her favorite time of the year.

Sheriff Franklin try and remember that Roy Moore is a God-fearing man who will not participate in your criminal ways nor will he back you when the going gets tough.



    Bones loves to kill puppies

    1. Ana and thugs going to threaten to sue and claim this blog is illegal again. Did not work. You silenced these folks the first time they tried to get the word out on this. Just another example of how ruthless and lawless Ana and thugs can be. How many dogs had to die? This one was the one that finally caused Ana to pull the reins back on Bones. Immunity covers all for Ana and thugs right. Please look at this video. No excuse but the spin shall begin!

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