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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Truth Hurts

As the last couple of years, months, and days pass some of the anonymous comments get more nasty and vulgar all because the whistleblowers have told the truth about the Morgan County Sheriff and her goons.  We told you so but you didn't want to listen.  The truth hurts but sadly enough most would rather blame the person(s) who bring public corruption up as a talking point than face the facts.

We told the truth about Sheriff Franklin hiring her daughter to work in the sheriff's office during the first term in office.

We told the truth about Franklin hiring her common-law son-in-law as a correction officer while he was spending time in jail for a serious offense.  We told the truth when we blogged about Jonathan Stebbins being arrested three additional times for a couple of burglary charges and three contempt of court charges.  We told the truth about Franklin forcing Corrections Officer Hayes out because she believes that Hayes was providing us information about Jonathan Stebbins.  Ms. Hayes never shared any information with us while she worked for the Morgan County Jail.

We told the truth about Sheriff Ana Franklin and her "friends" taking money from the Posse/Rodeo events for their own personal gain.  Do you really think taking money from the special needs events has stopped?  It hasn't.  Do you think that any of those funds went back to the sheriff's office to supplement the sheriff's office?  They didn't.

We told the truth when we blogged that Angela Hundley was fired after reporting the 3rd recurrence of cancer to Larry Berzett.  Angela was forced to struggle for the rest of her life because of the cowardly deeds from those who have no heart or compassion for others.  The same people that Sheriff Ana Franklin promised a brand new truck for services rendered.  You know society has a problem when your selfish desires for material gain is stronger than compassion and caring for those who cannot care for themselves.

We told you the truth when we told you that when Franklin fires people she goes for the jugular.  When folks apply for jobs requiring background checks or references she gives them an unfavorable performance rating.  Just the words 'He/she is not eligible for re-hire' is enough to keep folks from being hired.  Franklin loves having power over those less fortunate.  Franklin doesn't care about a young family with a baby on the way or any other person she has fired.

Franklin's selfish personal desires to obtain material possessions, money, homes, horses, horse trailers and all the many things she has accrued at the county's expense has taken a toll on our community.

We told you that Sheriff Franklin was taking money from the inmate food funds.  You called us delusional.  We told you that Franklin was giving less than nutritional meals to the inmates you told us you didn't care because they are only inmates.  We told you treatment for the mentally ill was inadequate.  You didn't care.  We told you medications were being prescribed and dictated by Sheriff Ana Franklin.  You called us liars.  Each step of the way we have told the truth.

We posted checks from the inmate food funds that you justify the spending even though Franklin told multiple lies about where she obtained the funds.  By the way, those are not the first or the last funds Sheriff Ana Franklin has taken.

Keep the name calling going and we will keep the blog going.


  1. Whistleblowers you started this. At first many thought you were some crazy lady and gang. One more thing proven not to be true. This will show more evident more in more in the days to come. Then you got the attention of many all over this country who have been looking at this from so many angles. As Ana squirms she only traps herself. The name calling and lies is simply her and her thugs screams for help. All they can do is try to spin and blame like many criminals who can not take responsibility for their own actions. They have said the Whistleblowers were delusional. This also was spin on their part. The power as Sheriff made her and those few who followed her delusional enough to think they will stay free. In a few cases I would not doubt it will be virtual life sentences. Very sad. Many more are seeing the truth every day. Keep on digging, keep up the hard work. Ana and crew don’t know what justice is. They are about to get a full dose several times over. And with ever day passing you can not help but to think about how much other surrounding counties like Limestone and Cullman are involved as that begins to surface more and more. More to come until Ana and her thugs from Morgan County and ALEA go to jail.

  2. Ana can not announce she will run just like she can not pass a polygraph or blood and hair follicle drug test. She will just run away. Wish she would just run away and resign so we do not have to wait to get our Sheriffs Office back. You would think she would choose to bring less attention and embarrassment to her family by walking away vs being taken away through impeachment. Is she really going to grandstand and make such a spectical for all to see where all the dirty laundry gets aired out? She must be in a mindset to think she can pull a Hilary Clinton. Not going to happen. We need to start a crow farm and start trucking the crow in to feed all the Ana gang. By the way, it’s not an Army as someone suggested. It is a few. One has set up multiple fake accounts under different made up names like “ private “ and comments. Ana probably has someone she pays to keep track of the blog 24/7. Damage Control that does not work to well.

  3. Alrighty Rick, let's do a drug and IQ test on February 28th, 9am. You ain't busy that day are you?

    1. You won’t be available to do so from prison? Not sure why you called me out! I will be busy that day anyway as you obviously know. Will probably have to take off work. When I commented a couple weeks ago I said I would take a polygraph and drug test. As far as IQ test I see no need but will be happy to do all 3 much sooner than February! See I was smart enough not to be a criminal who is facing jail time. So let’s do this! Next week or so would be best because your freedom is quickly coming into question. I am more than confidant everything will be made whole again. I also do not agree to, or make my challenge as anonymous and unlike you I will actually do these test and pass them. Have a nice day and enjoy your limited days of freedom. I may actually come visit you during visitation after you had a few years there to think about it all. Ana and all those waiting to find out their fate, I really do not want anything bad for any of you but will be glad you will no longer be in the Sheriffs Office attempting to deceive everyone with the crimes you have committed. I have put many people in jail my entire adult life but few of them were bigger criminals than you all. None of them had a badge. Never in a million years did I ever imagine I would play any part in any role of putting someone with a badge in jail. But who would have ever believed we would have a Sheriff and her gang of thieves that would do what Ana and thugs have. I know what the result will be. I am not stressed about any of it. I am at peace and I know when the dust settles I will be a free man no matter how bad any of you try to cause different.

    2. Rick...settle down. People have said you claimed this was all your doing...not. You were sucking her ass when you worked for her. Yes Mam...then she made you least you were one of the lucky ones. A quite mouth is a better mouth.

    3. You were called out because you've claimed co-ownership of this blog for months.

    4. This is not the focus of this blog. I have followed it the last year...Losers in trouble are trying everything under the sun. hacking...truth is truth. Don't hire convicted felons...don't lie to the media...don't spend our tax dollars on frivolous shit...don't lie on your statement of economic interest. Don't invest Federal prison food funds into a convicted felons car lot then get on the news and lie about where the money came from. You are done Sheriff Franklin. Spew more lies

  4. Let’s just say the moon and stars don’t align and the Sheriff doesn’t get charged...She is still going to get booted out of office. Everyone I talk to from Decatur,Trinity to Hartselle to Somerville etc. sees with their own eyes that they don’t want this county to continue the way it is under Franklin. Let’s drain the Morgan County Swamp and elect a new decent,show up for work, keep your nose clean kinda person to clean up this disgraceful mess! There is one certain candidate that rumors are starting to circulate about and I hope he announces soon ,because she won’t have a snowball‘s chance,if she actually has the nerve to throw in her hat! She needs to bow out and move south.

  5. Where is Private tonight? Scared shitless I hope!

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